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February 24th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 2/24/2010

Editor's Note: Carol Costello’s piece on “gambling the U.S. out of a recession” was met with staunch opposition by Wednesday’s American Morning audience. Most proclaimed such activity was unlikely to provide the needed revenues to cover growing budget gaps, and doing so would simply put people further into debt.

  • Mark: Hello Carol at CNN: In response to your question "can we gamble our way out of recession?" Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania alleges that gaming has helped relieve property tax burdens levied on owners. Without analysis of the numbers his allegation is arbitrary. Home values have dropped in proportionately to its current property taxes. The potential of loss in gambling favors the house. It is of my opinion home owners as a whole have much better odds in not gambling their money away and spend it on paying their property taxes. My final answer is no way.
  • Dave: Though there are many reasons that our government is 'broken,' One of the major players is the lobby system. It amounts to legalized bribery, and in fact, these practices are outlawed in most all of the democratic governments. It gives an unfair advantage for the corporations over the people who are supposed to be represented: the constituency that voted them in!
  • Jim: Broken Government: […] Opening up more casinos will just put the people more into debt. You see you can lose 200.00 in 15 minutes If you win 5.00 you think your a winner and it does not stop after that. It's all Luck no skill. Sure it's a nice day out. Take Atlantic City for instance. Many people will take 200.00 and try there luck. But when you get there and casino starts getting a lot of people they raise all the table stakes so you cannot sit down and have a good time. They are there to rip the clothes of everyone. This dream will never come true. Good idea to send someone down and just see how the casinos operate. You will be surprised on what you find on certain times of the day. […] Great show in the morning. You have me hooked.
  • Jeff: AMFix asks us whether casinos are proof of "broken government" in Pennsylvania, but there is no mention of the fact that the legislation legalizing some forms of gambling in Pennsylvania is nearly 6 years old. Isn't this relevant to a segment that is evaluating the current state of our government? I do not support the casinos in and coming to Philadelphia in any form. Suggesting that the PA government is "broken" is not necessarily something I disagree with either. But CNN is doing damage when an AMFix segment implies that it is the current PA legislature and government that is creating these problems, when we've been dealing with casinos and their attendant drama for the better part of a decade.
    Champ: Could the new york stock exchange have a nick name CASINO? It is gambling so what is so wrong with other casinos used for gambling? they use cards instead of money.

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  1. Jacob Roquet

    The killer whale expert on AM this morning indicates the orca's behavior may have been caused by 20 years of captivity duress, goes wack and kills trainer. That's the natural order of things - poor orca. Airplane guy in Texas has 10 years of IRS duress, goes wack and kills IRS employee - bad terrorist. No, certainly not condoning this (the human.) We are the higher-order creature. We can write our congressman to get things changed via "the system." And he had as much luck with this as the orca would have had writing its congressman.
    DA Jack on Law and Order would be bringing the IRS to court with contributing manslaugher - bad IRS. Now that would be a reality show!

    February 25, 2010 at 7:57 am |
  2. Frank

    Why doesn't CNN do a better job on why the economy and health care are in the tank? What about under funding Medicare and Medicaid and the fairly new HMOs' how has that affect health care cost? What about personal saveing how does that affect the trade debt?

    February 25, 2010 at 7:56 am |
  3. Rich Weems

    I just listened to your interview with the director of the Rhode Island Schools. I am outraged that the teachers are being blamed for the lack of progress required by the State of Rhode Island. Obviously she is out of touch with the real world. When was the last time she was in a classroom? From my experience as a teacher it is not easy educating children who come from broken homes and lower socioeconomic conditions. Many of the children are not taught discipline and correct behavior actions, this can be for various reasons such as a parent who works many jobs, drug addicted parents, etc. Also, many children including my own have educational disabilities creating another difficult challenge for teachers. How about the superintendent of the district in question, isn't he/she responsible for the performance of all schools in the district. He/she is the one who should be removed. Quit blaming teachers for the failures of society!

    February 25, 2010 at 6:59 am |
  4. A. Smith, Oregon

    20 some suspects for dealing with one terrorist? Definitely not Israel's Mossad. Likely the Laural and Hardy team known as CIA-Xe contractors who didn't care if their photos were taken and passed around the world.

    February 24, 2010 at 11:04 pm |