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March 11th, 2010
02:00 PM ET

Corey Haim's lifelong struggle

(CNN) – The tragic death of actor Corey Haim shocked his closest friends. The 80's teen movie star died early yesterday.

Last night, Corey Feldman, Haim's close friend and reality co-star, spoke publicly about it for the first time on Larry King Live. Feldman said Haim seemed to be winning his battle against drug abuse in the weeks before his sudden death.

Feldman pleaded with people not to draw conclusions that Haim died from a drug overdose. He said that until the autopsy report is issued, "nobody knows and nobody's going to know."

Sadly, our society has almost come to expect drug use from former child stars – falling off the deep end after being so famous, so young. CNN's Kareen Wynter takes a look at Corey Haim's 20 year struggle and why he is far from alone.

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