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March 15th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 3/15/10

Editor's Note: Monday’s American Morning viewers were interested in the Toyota investigation of owner Jim Sikes’ Prius. Some were skeptical of Sikes’ claim of a stuck gas pedal, as it could not be replicated by technicians. Others supported him, as they had faced similar situations in other vehicles, remarking “some things just don’t show up on those tests.”

  • Michael: You look at Toyota...The gas pedal problem I can reproduce 80% of the time. I know what is causing it but no one would listen. What I found was Toyota knew about the possible flaw but was more concerned about the sales during the harsh economy.
  • Andrea: In regards to the runaway Prius. I have an SUV where I have had 4 incidences where the steering wheel locked while I was actually going at lower speeds-3 times making turns and 1 x on a straight away. I reported it to my service manager, they did tests and couldn't find anything wrong with it. The last time it happened, I was on a freeway exit and thank God, it was early am and minimal traffic. My SUV was serviced the week prior to my incident . I took my SUV back to the dealer, refused to take it home until they figured out what was wrong with it. A tech kept my vehicle for a couple of days and they still couldn't duplicate the problem. No memory of the incident was found via computer, driving it, etc. I was told it has to happen when they can see it. BTW,I told the dealer the locking happens randomly, there’s no warning. I reported the first incident to the NHSI and I tried to file a complaint in Feb. 2010,but my complaint would go through due to the system overload from Toyota complaints. I don't know if Mr. Sikes is telling the truth or not, but some things just don't show up on those tests.

In AM’s original series “Growing Up Behind Bars,” many were surprised the adult who purchased the gun was not held responsible for the death, rather than his young son.

  • Gerhard: To me the ultimate responsibility lies with who left a gun and ammunition unsecured so that an eleven year old Jordan Brown had access to the weapon.
  • Ian: 12 year old... life sentence. Once again you have missed the point(s). Why was there a “youth style shot gun”, accessible to an 11 year old? Where there are guns, more people get shot! Duh! And who buys a youth style shot gun? What a moronic idea! If the victims family is set on vengeance (or justice), maybe they should focus on the person who had guns in the same house with 3 children. 2. After spending time in the “youth detention facility”; do you think he will be less of a threat to society?

What do you think? Continue the conversation below.

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  1. Bill Keck

    Toyota is doing everything they can to discredit this Calif. Man's case of a runaway Pirius. First of all I read an artical off my MSN Browser that stated the U. S. does not have the ability to read the results of the Black Boxes in these Cars.They have to depend on the say of the Toyota Enginere's. Well they have lied to us before who says they aren't now.
    Second they said this man applied the breaks over 250 times. That is easily explaned. The car has an ABS system to keep the brakes from locking up and sliding out of control. This system works by pulsing the brakes, so it would show up as the brakes being constantly applied numerous times. So here is another example of an attempt by Toyota to cover up there problem with these cars. They even are trying to push this off on people 70 years old or older. I think it is time they pull all of these Cars off the road until Toyota gets there act together and does things right.

    March 16, 2010 at 6:50 am |
  2. Greg Karst

    I just watched your "interview" with Dick Armey and could not believe you just sat there and let him spew nonsense and outright lies without any attempt to refute him or ask him any substantive questions. That was pathetic.

    March 16, 2010 at 6:47 am |
  3. A. Smith, Oregon

    Pope Ratz's brother Georg Ratzinger is smack in the middle of multiple child abuse cases during the time he headed the German parishes choir. Pope Ratz placed a Cardinal from Portland, OR. into his former job who was accused of a cover up in ongoing child abuse cases here in Oregon. Pope Ratz appears to be present in the cover up and movement of serial pedophiles within the Vatican and outlining parishes.

    March 16, 2010 at 1:46 am |