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March 31st, 2010
09:21 PM ET

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6:10AM Rhode Island rivers crested Wednesday morning at 20.79 feet – more than 11 feet above flood stage. How bad were homes and businesses hit? Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian joins us with an update.

6:30AM Are we seeing more "girl bullies" now than ever? We'll ask Erika Holiday, Psy.D.  &  Joan Rosenberg, Ph.D.,  Co-Authors of "Mean Girls, Meaner Women".

7:30AM  The health care mandate – is it constitutional? Jonathan Turley, Law Professor at George Washington University will break down the legal challenges the new bill might face.

8:10AM  Outcry against the RNC: Tony Perkins on why he's not giving money to the committee.

8:30AM  How to prevent another Phoebe Prince: Aaron Hansen, Principle of a Middle School in Ely Nevada, on his anti-bullying policy.

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  1. Donna Scott

    Parents are calling for the resignation of administration. Certainly, there is some blame on the part of the school. However, the bigger question is "Where are the parents in all of this?" It has become all to common to blame the school for everything. When I was in school, if you got in trouble in school, you were in trouble at home. Often, but not always, that is no longer true. Let's get back to basics. It's not just the school. The parents need to accept some of the responsibility also.

    April 1, 2010 at 9:23 am |
  2. Doc Leonard Zaizay

    I DO see what the big fuss is about! I am a parent of a former student of East Limestone High in Athens, Alabama. I pulled my daughter out of the school, home schooled her and sent her for a vocational trade; she is now a legal secretary and will begin a Pharmacy Tech program soon.

    I was witness by way of a school video of my daughter being slammed against a locker by three girls that locked arms and slammed into my daughter on purpose and on command. The only reason we caught it is because I stayed on the complacent principal
    (Coach Black) about repairing a specific camera in the school because other kids told me they were planning an attack against my daughter who is from Liberia West Africa. The perps did not know the camera had been repaired. And by the way, the kids choose very wisely where to do wrong on school property. And the principal knows personally, the parents of the perps who criminally injured my daughter! And had my daughter faught back, SHE would have been marked as a violent child. That poor little girl that killed herself, I too grieve for her as well as the loss of her parents. Someone should have done something, possibly we can't trust teachers and administrators with our kids!

    What's the big fuss? How dare you! My daughter has been permanently damaged mentally and was injured physically and the girls in question were let go early on Friday (to get their nails done) yet were supposedly suspended. Is that a weekend suspension? WOW!

    The big deal is that every child is different and bullies should be stopped. You never know the tolerance level of any given child. My daughter is alive because she was removed from school, anything could have happened!

    Parents should also take a more active role. When a kid says school is going fine, ask the neighbor kids. Know the truth! I was involved, had my daughter keep a log of all events including what was said to her and saw the situation escalating WITHOUT my involvement. The day the indicent happened I was there! I took swift action.

    What's the big fuss? Do you have children? You know not the times we live in!

    Concerned and empowered Mum and Daughter!

    April 1, 2010 at 8:14 am |
  3. jack

    I still fail to see what all the big fuss is about over the "bullying" in school. "Bullying" definatley isn't right, but virtually every adult has faced it in some form or another in school, or even in the work place. School age children can be very ruthless, but I don't necessarily beieve we can hold teachers or parents entirely responsible for their actions. Whatever happened to survival of the fittest. Perhaps being bullied will just make our kids that much stronger in the future.

    April 1, 2010 at 6:59 am |