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July 5th, 2010
10:27 PM ET

The Teaser

"The Teaser” is a preview of the guests we have lined up for the next day – so you know when to tune in (and when to set your alarm!). Guests and times are always subject to change.

6:40AM Owen Kratz, CEO, Helix Energy Solutions Group, on how some new technology heading to the leaking well could double the amount of oil captured.

7:40AM Richard Quest & Richard Roth on the Queen's visit to New York.

Dr. Thomas Perls, Assoc. Prof. of Medicine & Geriatrics, Boston Univ. School of Medicine, on the role genes play in living an unusually long life.

8:10AM Joseph Bruno, Commissioner of New York City’s Office of Emergency Management, on the heat wave hitting NYC, and much of the Northeast, this week.

8:40AM D’Anna Tillis, Owner, D'Anna Dolly's House of Fashion, & Alice Horn, Ex. Dir.; South Florida's Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, on how the recession is hitting teenagers and their prospects for summer jobs – and what they can do about it.

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July 5th, 2010
01:00 PM ET

Time runs out for 1.2 million on unemployment

(CNN) – Last week, the House passed a bill to extend benefits to those who have been unemployed longer than six months. But by then, the Senate had already taken off for a week-long break. The stalled bill is making life difficult for more than a million out-of-work Americans, including Debra Rousey. She lost her job as a bank branch manager in November and her last unemployment check cleared about two weeks ago. She joined us on Monday's American Morning to share her story.

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July 5th, 2010
12:00 PM ET

Jorge Ramos: Prioritize immigration reform

(CNN) – The push for immigration reform is under way. Last week, President Obama called for securing the borders and paving the way for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants to become legal citizens. Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is urging President Obama to prioritize immigration reform. Ramos is the author of a new book, "A Country for All," and he joined us on Monday's American Morning.

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July 5th, 2010
10:00 AM ET

Nuclear fusion the 'Holy Grail' of green energy?

(CNN) – There are a lot of options on the path to better, greener power: solar, wind, hydro-electric. But for a small and devoted group, the way to move ahead is nuclear fusion. Believe it or not, but that tech-savvy guy next door may just be building a fusion reactor in his basement. Our Carol Costello introduces us to one of these amateur scientists.

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July 5th, 2010
09:00 AM ET

Is the water safe enough for swimming?

(CNN) – BP said Monday that the cost of its response to the Gulf oil disaster now totals approximately $3.12 billion. That includes containment, relief well drilling, grants to Gulf states, claims paid and federal costs, the oil giant said. The Fourth of July weekend brought beach-goers to the Gulf shore, despite the oil spill. But how safe is the water? The town of Pensacola lets people swim, but is anyone sure the water is really safe? Our John Zarrella reports.

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July 5th, 2010
08:00 AM ET

Political ads aim for a memorable message

(CNN) – It's only July, but across America campaign ads for the upcoming mid-term elections have already gone viral. Attention-grabbing spots have emerged featuring female candidates firing machine guns, actors playing our founding fathers, and the "dirtier" side of dairy farms. Our Jim Acosta reports.

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