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July 6th, 2010
08:14 PM ET

The Teaser

"The Teaser” is a preview of the guests we have lined up for the next day – so you know when to tune in (and when to set your alarm!). Guests and times are always subject to change.

6:40AM Jay Bergman, DEA Andean Regional Director, on the first "narco sub" built by drug traffickers to smuggle tons of cocaine from South America to the U.S.

7:10AM Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Senior Legal Analyst, on the Justice Department's suit against Arizona over its new immigration law.

Gene Beck, Assoc. Prof. of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M Univ., on how and when the relief wells will stop the leaking well in the Gulf.

Helen Fisher, Research Prof., Dept. of Anthropology, Rutgers Univ. , on a fascinating new study of the “broken heart”.

8:10AM John Avlon, CNN Contributor, on a new poll that shows independent voters leaning heavily towards Republicans in the upcoming midterms.

8:40AM Jennifer Senior, Contributing Editor, New York Magazine, on the magazine's cover story – are parents less happy than non-parents?

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July 6th, 2010
12:00 PM ET

Teens aging out of foster care have no homes, no jobs

(CNN) – When most teens leave home for the first time they still have their parents to rely on for help. For young adults in foster care, once they're dropped from the system they often have no one to turn to. In California, the help that was available has been scaled back because of budget cuts. So how do these young adults get by? Our Thelma Gutierrez has one teen's story in this AM original report.

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July 6th, 2010
11:00 AM ET

The secrets to living to 100 years and beyond

Mamie Underhill (L), 104, and her daughter Leita Chapman attend a birthday celebration for five women residents at the Solheim Lutheran Home who are 100-years-old or more August 16, 2002. (Getty Images)

(CNN) – Scientists are getting closer to unlocking one of the world's biggest genetic mysteries: Why do some people live so much longer than others? The latest research is coming from a team at Boston University. Dr. Thomas Perls, associate professor of medicine and geriatrics at BU's School of Medicine, joined us on Tuesday's American Morning to discuss the secrets to being a centenarian. Watch Video

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July 6th, 2010
10:00 AM ET

Blistering heat expected in Northeast

(CNN) – The mercury is rising across the country, especially along the eastern seaboard. The National Weather Service is warning of a dangerous situation as temperatures approach and shoot past 100 degrees. In places like the nation's capital and New York City, cooling centers and water stations will be open to the public. For some, it may be just a nuisance. But for others, especially the young, the elderly and the poor, the heat could be deadly. Our Jim Acosta reports. Watch Video

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July 6th, 2010
09:00 AM ET

New oil recovery vessel could collect 25,000 barrels a day

The Helix Producer I will join two other contracting services vessels owned by Helix, the Express and Q4000, in supporting BP on the Deepwater Horizon spill response and containment operations. (Courtesy: Helix Energy Solutions Group)

(CNN) – There's a new plan to dramatically increase the amount of oil BP is recovering from its gushing well in the Gulf. The company has brought in a new vessel, the Helix Producer I. It's a floating platform that's able to process as much as 25,000 barrels a day. The system is also designed to easily disconnect and reconnect in the event of a major storm. Owen Kratz is CEO of Helix Energy Solutions Group and he joined us on Tuesday's American Morning to discuss their efforts. Watch Video


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July 6th, 2010
08:00 AM ET

New York welcomes Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II attends a dinner at the Royal York Hotel on July 5, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. (Getty Images)

(CNN) – New York City will have a regal look today as Queen Elizabeth II makes her long-awaited return. It's been more than 30 years since Her Majesty last hit Manhattan, and her five-hour-tour will be jam packed. The queen will make her first address to the United Nations in 50 years and her first-ever visit to Ground Zero. Our Richard Roth reports on all the buzz and excitement that accompanies a royal visit. Watch Video


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