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July 13th, 2010
11:00 AM ET

Can the cap stop the flow of oil?

BP's new containment cap designed to slowly stop the flow of oil into the gulf. After 85 days an estimate of more than 212 million gallons has spilled. Can this new contraption really contain the oil spill? Darryl Bourgoyne the director of Louisiana state university's petroleum engineering lab spoke with CNN's American Morning Tuesday.

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July 13th, 2010
10:40 AM ET

George Steinbrenner dead after massive heart attack

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Steinbrenner reportedly suffered a massive heart attack."]

[Updated at 9:58 a.m.] New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has died, Steinbrenner's spokesman said.

“It is with profound sadness that the family of George M. Steinbrenner III announces his passing," a statement from his family said. "“He was an incredible and charitable man. First and foremost he was devoted to his entire family – his beloved wife, Joan; his sisters, Susan Norpell and Judy Kamm, his children, Hank, Jennifer, Jessica and Hal; and all of his grandchildren.

“He was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports. He took a great but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again.”

The team has seven World Series trophies – 1977, '78, '96, '98, '99, 2000 and '09 earned under Steinbrenner's ownership since 1973.

"Owning the Yankees," Steinbrenner once said, "is like owning the Mona Lisa." Read More

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July 13th, 2010
09:47 AM ET

FDA Avandia hearings panel decides fate of diabetes drug

An FDA panel is will begin hearings on Avandia today. The drug that's safety has been questioned since 2007 and could be pulled from the market. Steven Nissen has authored a study finding it could increase the risk of heart attacks. He spoke to CNN's Kiran Chetry Tuesday.

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July 13th, 2010
05:58 AM ET

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New cap on ruptured oil well faces key tests

New Orleans, Louisiana (CNN) - BP plans to begin testing the new cap on its ruptured deepwater well Tuesday - a move that officials hope will be a step on the way to stopping oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.

"This test involves closing one or more of the valves on the new cap for a period of time to allow BP to measure pressures in the well," retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said.

The process could take anywhere from six hours to two days, or longer if BP extends them.

Officials say several scenarios are possible: the cap could contain all the oil; the cap could contain some of the crude while ships on the water's surface collect the rest; or, under a worst-case scenario, there could be more damage to the well's casing, meaning that capping the well would not stop the oil from flowing.

Before testing began, some oil continued to gush from the upper section of the new, 18-foot, 150,000-pound cap.

Allen, who is leading the federal response to the environmental disaster, said Monday scientists will be checking the pressure inside the well, and then determining whether the cap is holding the oil in or if ships will need to continue siphoning oil.

A critical step is making sure there's no hydrate buildup, according to BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles. Read more

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