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August 3rd, 2010
02:00 PM ET

Counting Down Cady: Crew trains for space emergencies

(CNN) – NASA is scrambling to deal with a rare emergency on board the International Space Station. Two spacewalks are scheduled to fix one of the station's two cooling systems that failed over the weekend. NASA officials say crew members are in no immediate danger, but the malfunction leaves the space station with just one critical cooling system in operation

Right now, a future space station crew here on Earth is training for worst-case scenarios when they're 220 miles up in space. One member of that crew is our very own astronaut Cady Coleman, who we've been following ahead of her mission to the International Space Station later this year. John Zarrella caught up with her to see that emergency training firsthand for our ongoing series, "Counting Down Cady." Watch Video

NASA: Spacewalks may be used to fix space station cooling problem

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