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August 25th, 2010
10:00 AM ET

Boehner vs. the White House over economy

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="House Minority Leader John Boehner delivers an economic address Tuesday."]

(CNN) – Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday hit back hard–and sarcastically–at House Minority Leader John Boehner's call for President Obama to fire Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other high-ranking economic officials.

"His chief proposal when you look at it apparently was that the president should fire his economic team," Biden said. "Very constructive advice and we thank the leader for that."

Biden echoed the Democratic message that aims to remind Americans that Republicans held power in the run-up to the recent economic downturn.

"Mr. Boehner is nostalgic for those good old days, but the American people are not," Biden said in reference to the Ohio Republican's call for a full extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Biden said Boehner has "created a myth" that extending tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans would stimulate the economy.

CNN’s Brianna Keiler reports on the battle over rebuilding America’s economy. Watch Video

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  1. Harvey J. Garza

    a pOINT THAT i WOULD LKE TO MAKE: RNC Boehner and the GOP has been Critized by President Obama (the Executive Branch), the DNC, and All Other Democrates Concerning the Economy, the Sad State of Affairs the Affect the Poor, Working Class, and the Countrly as a Whole. NOTE: What the DNC, Obama, and All Other Democrates Realize is that President Bush in his Two Terms in Office Failed Miserabily in Achieving his Campaign Pleges/Promises to the Registered Voters who Place Bush in the White House as President. POINT: Obama Conviently States the His LIES (Manifested After the American Electorate Voted Obama Into the Office of the President othe United States . . . . . Where the Ameriocan (esp. Citizens; Registerd Voters) are Deemed INCONSEQUENTIAL , , , Obama Simply Does What He Wants To. NOTE: The United States Citizen is Constantly Trying To Make Ends Meet . . . While Obama Canters to Big Busines and the Truly Wealthy. Know that Obama Likens Himself as an Ellitist, a Man of Wealth . . . A Man Who Dillusionally Thinks that He will Become the Greatest United States President in History.

    August 27, 2010 at 5:13 am |
  2. Michael Armstrong Sr.

    If Mr. Boehner wants to do his country some good he would put the party war aside after midterms and create bills that are good for the country and pass them threw congress to become law by the president .

    August 26, 2010 at 12:00 am |
  3. tiberius

    Obviously over a decade of a continuous republican majority rule and republican economic policy had nothing whatsoever to do with the economic meltdown.

    Nor does the 24/7 republican mantra that the recovery is doomed to stall out and fail have anything to do with the prevailing negative psychology that's retarding the recovery.

    August 25, 2010 at 6:35 pm |
  4. paul

    I found it interesting that VP Joe Biden was very vague in his responds to John Boehner request for the resignation's President Obama's economic team. Did anyone notice that VP Joe Biden did not specify on anything when he talked about the old way of doing things verses the new way of doing things? Biden did not mention the word capitalism or use the term "American dream". Let see if the President or the Vise President can speak of an economic plan that won't sound like socialism.

    August 25, 2010 at 2:48 pm |