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September 17th, 2010
10:00 AM ET
September 17th, 2010
09:00 AM ET

Arrests come amid pope's visit to London

(CNN) – Investigators in Britain arrested five men on suspicion of terrorism Friday and promptly reviewed security arrangements for Pope Benedict XVI's trip to the island, authorities said.

Some news reports said the arrests involved a potential threat to the pope, who began a visit to Great Britain Thursday, but the Metropolitan Police declined to say whether the case was linked to the pontiff's visit.

Authorities reviewed policing arrangements for the pope's trip to London on Friday after they arrested the men and said they are satisfied the current plan remains "appropriate," and the pope's itinerary did not change.

The men were arrested at around 5:45 a.m. (12:45 a.m. ET) at a business on suspicion of the commission, preparation, or instigation of acts of terrorism, police said.


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September 17th, 2010
08:00 AM ET

Stewart, Colbert announce Washington rallies

(CNN) – Two Comedy Central funnymen are apparently entering into the partisan political fray with rallies of their own in the nation's capital.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have set October 30 as the date for their respective rallies.

On Thursday night's airing of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," the comedian announced plans for a "Rally to Restore Sanity."

"See you October 30 on the National Mall to spread the timeless message, 'Take it down a notch for America,' " he said.

Stewart dubbed the event a "clarion call for rationality."

"A million moderate march, where we take to the streets to send a message to our leaders and our national media that says, 'We are here! We ... are only here until 6 though, because we have a sitter,'" he said.

On "The Colbert Report," which airs immediately after Stewart's show, Colbert fired back with plans for his "March to Keep Fear Alive."

"Now is not the time to take it down a notch. Now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom," Colbert said. FULL STORY

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September 17th, 2010
07:00 AM ET
September 17th, 2010
06:00 AM ET

Nuns speak out on Vatican investigations

By Carol Costello and Bob Ruff, CNN

(CNN) – The "talk" has been "heated" of late on Sister Maureen Fiedler's WAMU radio show in Washington DC. A sample: "Some of my friends asked me whether Vatican officials suffer a deep-seated hatred of women."

Sister Maureen understands why her listeners, mostly Catholic nuns and religious women, feel the need to sound off. They've been frustrated, even angry, ever since the Vatican ordered two sweeping investigations into the religious views and lifestyles of American nuns.

"What I hear from a lot of lately with regard to this investigation," said Fiedler, "is, let me get this straight: It's priests that abuse children. Some priests, of course. It's bishops that covered it up. So they're investigating nuns?


September 17th, 2010
05:59 AM ET

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Delaware Senate candidates set the stage for November

(CNN) – Delaware voters were treated to a markedly different tone Thursday night as they watched their two Senate candidates together for the first time since the primaries.

During a candidate's forum, Republican Christine O'Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons displayed little of the animosity that came to define O'Donnell's bitter primary battle with Rep. Mike Castle.

Rather, the night was marked by polite discourse and even agreement as the two candidates sought to lay out their position on many key issues.

Their messages did diverge, however, as the two sought to define their political narratives. FULL STORY

BP completes relief well in Gulf of Mexico

(CNN) – BP has completed work on a relief well that will allow the oil giant to permanently seal the well at the heart of the Gulf oil disaster, the government's commander in charge of overseeing response to the spill said.

"Through a combination of sensors embedded in the drilling equipment and sophisticated instrumentation ... BP engineers and the federal science team have concluded that the Development Driller III relief well has intersected the Macondo well," said Thad Allen, the appointed national incident commander, in a statement released late Thursday.

The relief well was started about 100 feet from the original well and intersects with it about 18,000 feet under the surface of the Gulf. FULL STORY

Crews clean up damage from fatal NYC storm

(CNN) – Crews in New York worked early Friday to clean up damage left behind by a fast-moving storm that killed one person when it ripped through the city.

"There have been reports of damage to school buildings. We do expect all schools to be open tomorrow, but we'll just, as the night goes on, we'll make sure that everything is safe," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said late Thursday.

The storm's strong winds and torrential rains toppled trees and left more than 20,000 customers without power Thursday. FULL STORY

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