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October 13th, 2010
10:09 PM ET

The Teaser for Thursday, October 14, 2010

"The Teaser” is a preview of the guests we have lined up for the next day – so you know when to tune in (and when to set your alarm!). Guests and times are always subject to change.

Gloria Borger, CNN Senior Political Analyst, joins Kiran live from Delaware throughout the show to discuss the Senate debate between Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons

6:10AM Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Chief of Psychiatry, NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia, now that all of the miners have been evacuated, what are the biggest physical and mental health concerns they will face? What will they need to do to stay mentally and physically healthy as they adjust to life above ground?

6:40AM Will Bunch,  Author,  "The Backlash"  and Senior Writer, Philadelphia Daily News, on Post-debate fallout between Senate Candidates Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons and what to anticipate in the days leading up to the November 2 elections.

7:10AM Ambassador Arturo Fermandois, Chilean Ambassador to the U.S., on the Chilean government's success in carrying off the rescue operation and the need for mining reform in Chile.

7:40AM Candy Crowley, Chief Political Correspondent and Host of CNN's State of the Union, on the latest political news of the day including the CNN state polls out Wednesday and First Lady Michelle Obama on the campaign

8:10AM Chris Coons, Democratic Candidate for Senate in Delaware, with his reaction to Wednesday night’s Senate debate with Christine O’Donnell.

8:40AM Goldie Hawn, Academy Award winning actress and producer and Founder of The Hawn Foundation,  has assembled a team of neuroscientists, doctors, researchers, educators and psychologists to create a program called "MindUP", a curriculum that teaches children how to be in touch with their emotions and manage stress.  How does it improve education and other challenges kids face?

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October 13th, 2010
07:57 AM ET

Drilling for a miracle: Two Americans describe their role in the Chilean miner rescue

As of this writing, 10 Chilean miners have been rescued safely and the 23 are still waiting their turn. Americans Jeff Hart, field supervisor with Layne Christensen Co., and James Stefanic, operations manager with Geotec Boyles Bros., could be called heroes.

They were called in to Chile as part of a special team to oversee and drill the rescue shaft.

They spoke with us on "American Morning" this morning to describe the challenges they faced, and the feeling of knowing they were instrumental in saving these men.

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October 13th, 2010
07:21 AM ET
October 13th, 2010
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October 13th, 2010
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October 13th, 2010
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