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November 7th, 2010
08:13 PM ET

Dr. Jeff Gardere offers an apology for comments made on Friday's show

By Dr. Jeff Gardere

On CNN this past Friday morning I participated in a discussion with a mother from Kansas City who was criticized for allowing her five-year-old son to dress as a female character from Scooby-Doo.

During that discussion, I made a comment about the mother “outing” her child. Many viewers objected to that point. In today’s world, though the word “outing” has taken on a significance about sexuality, let me be clear I was not using it in that way. I specifically said, “whether he is straight or gay,” I questioned why she put her son’s photo out on her blog. The fact is that I said and truly believe this mother has been very courageous in supporting her child. Her acceptance and unconditional love is a model for other parents in how to raise happy and healthy children.

Now comes the gem! I articulated that in speaking with straight and even gay parents, some of them consider it their “worst nightmare” to have a child who may be coming to terms with being gay. I have made this same statement before but have always completed the thought with "because they were worried that their child would face, isolation, hostility, emotional and physical bullying from people who are anti-gay.”  FULL POST

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