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November 24th, 2010
08:43 AM ET

Korea expert: U.S. response to N. Korea a 'difficult needle to thread'

(CNN) - North Korea on Wednesday blamed South Korea for driving them "to the brink of war," a day after the North shelled a South Korean island and killed four people. South Korea provoked the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island by holding a military drill off their shared coast in the Yellow Sea, North Korea said. Pyongyang made the accusation through its state media, referring to a military drill that Seoul holds every year.

Today on American Morning, Victor Cha, a former NSC Asia affairs advisor and senior advisor and Korea Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, explains the conflict.

AM’s John Roberts asks Cha if the conflict could turn to all out war, and how the United States should respond.

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November 24th, 2010
08:39 AM ET

Protest leader: Abandon 'security theater', opt out 'strip search' scans

Tensions are already running high on one of the year's busiest travel days, but for one group it's the perfect day for a protest.

Flying out of Philly? You might bump into James Babb, co-founder,

He’s at Philadelphia International Airport this morning, representing one of several grassroots organizations supporting leading "National Opt Out Day” - a protest of TSA's full-body scanners and pat-down procedures. Babb has never gone through a full-body scan or pat down, but he says travelers should say no to protect their health and privacy and report "gropers" to the airlines and government.

Today on American Morning, Babb tells Carol Costello why he’s instructing travelers to "raise holy hell."

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll shows most frequent travelers are not bothered by the new TSA scanners, and that majority are okay with giving up personal privacy for safety.

So, which side are you on? If you’re headed to the airport will you opt out?

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November 24th, 2010
08:08 AM ET

TSA chief responds to ‘Opt Out’ protesters

The man in charge of those full-body scanners and pat downs tells American Morning how the TSA is bracing for the busiest travel day of the year.

TSA Administrator John Pistole joins AM’s John Roberts from Washington D.C.’s Reagan National Airport.

He responds to protesters who are opting out of the scans over health and privacy concerns. And, Pistole says he willing to meet with the cancer survivor who was humiliated and embarrassed by a TSA patdown earlier this month.

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