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December 15th, 2010
03:28 PM ET

A Soldier's Story: Preview of documentary airing December 18th and 19th at 8pm ET

"A Soldier's Story" is an original series by CNN's "American Morning" that tracks three military recruits from their final days as civilians through deployment.

CNN National Correspondent Jason Carroll has been given unprecedented access by the Pentagon as President Barack Obama outlines a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan.

Jason will preview the series this week on "American Morning" and the hour-long documentary will run on Saturday, December 18th at 8:00pm ET, and again on Sunday, December 19th at 8:00pm ET.

Click here to learn more about the soldiers profiled in the documentary, see a gallery of images of each subject and learn more about the war in Afghanistan.

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  1. sandra

    to mike sey.....

    The Taliban are murders....they have put their children in the same line of fire they have placed everybody else's child...IEDs do not know the difference between a soldier and a child...

    Putting a human face on this group does not make them less evil...

    December 16, 2010 at 6:02 pm |
  2. mike sey

    Its curious that a recent profile of Taliban fighters by a Norwegian journalist provoked concern by CNN's Anderson Cooper about "humanizing' the Taliban and providing them propaganda.

    Is CNN at all worried about the same issues in Jason Carroll's piece ?

    Some of the things we learned from the Norwegian's piece is that the Taliban gossip, joke, play pick-up sports, hold religious services during which they ask God to keep them safe and defeat their enemies, have families and play with and love their little daughters.

    It'll be interesting to compare this with what we learn about the soldiers in Carrolls piece.

    One difference will probably be that the Taliban commander's little children were blown to smithereens by the enemy.

    December 15, 2010 at 9:32 am |
  3. 2112

    John Roberts,

    You will be missed and good luck to you on your next assignment!

    December 15, 2010 at 7:48 am |
  4. Dan

    I commend ALL military personnel. Thank you for serving. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that I would like to share: "If you can't stand behind our troops, stand in front of them". Wonderfully said.
    I served 20 years in the Navy, and felt it an honor to serve.

    Now, as far as the shooting yesterday in Florida. As the gentleman said, it was a God thing. How, could someone shooting from that close miss? All of you nay-sayers, let's hear your reasoning.

    Merry CHRISTmas.

    December 15, 2010 at 7:22 am |