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January 6th, 2011
11:12 AM ET

Freshman Reps. Womack and Cicilline on the change they'll bring to DC

We're taking a look this week at some of the newest members entering congress this year. Yesterday we talked to Representatives Karen Bass, D, California, and Paul Gosar, R, Arizona, about what they thought were the most pressing needs for the 112th congress.

Today we talk to Representative Steve Womack, R, Arkansas, who not only won his seat by the second largest margin in his state but was also the only Republican in Arkansas who had not been backed by the Tea Party. As well as talking to Representative David Cicilline, D, who will replace Rep. Patrick Kennedy as the representative from Rhode Island.

Representatives Womack and Cicilline explain to T.J. Holmes what message they are bringing to Capitol Hill and Washington DC from their constituents outside the beltway bubble.

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