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February 1st, 2011
07:33 AM ET

American student hits frontlines of Cairo protests

(CNN) - Egypt braced for a "march of millions" in anti-government protests Tuesday as embattled President Hosni Mubarak tried to throw up literal and figurative roadblocks in the way of demonstrators calling for his ouster. Major demonstrations are planned for Cairo, Alexandria and other cities, the latest in a series of rallies that began a week ago. Protesters have defied orders for a curfew, and the country's powerful military announced Monday that it would not open fire on peaceful demonstrators.

Thousands of American tourists and residents are fleeing Cairo, taking State Department-chartered flights sent to ferry American citizens out of the escalating crisis zone. But amid the chaos, one young American woman who's witnessed the rising revolution for months, decides to stay.

Today on American Morning, Lauren Bohn, a 23-year-old Fulbright Fellow studying Arabic and journalism at American University in Cairo, tells AM’s TJ Holmes what provoked her to remain in Cairo. The former CNN intern tells AM what's happening on the Cairo streets Tuesday and updates about the cell phone and Internet access.

For full CNN coverage from on the ground in Egypt, head here:

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  1. Tod P

    When is it time for the people of the world to change? When are the people of the world going to get serious and stop dictators. This is a new world and the old must step down from their high horses or face the consequences. The world is changing and it can be for the better if people would simply stand up and take control. We all need to stop being dominated by these pathetic dictators who are truly idiots and only got in power by force. It is force that will be needed to take them out of power. This is not radical, it is just. The radicals are the dictators who think they should control people by killing and beating them to submission. Why don't the people give them a taste of their own medicine? Dictators beware, your time is short all over the world. The world is on the brink of major change, which direction it goes depends on the people, not the dictators!

    February 3, 2011 at 11:49 am |