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March 4th, 2011
11:52 AM ET

Man survives after 96 minutes of CPR

Howard Snitzer collapsed on a Minnesota sidewalk while running errands and laid on the sidewalk without a pulse. But for 96 minutes a medical team and dozens of strangers performed CPR, determined to save Snitzer's life.

Kiran Chetry and Ali Velshi talk to Howard Snitzer, flight paramedic Bruce Goodman and Dr. Roger White about Snitzer's close call.

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March 4th, 2011
09:23 AM ET

Peacekeeping mission to fight Somali pirates unrealistic, author says

The Somali pirates who captured seven Danes last week in the waters of the Indian Ocean have reportedly moved the victims to land, making a potential rescue mission more difficult.

Author of "The Pirates of Somalia" Jay Bahadur has studied and lived among Somali pirates. Bahadur talks to Kiran Chetry and Ali Velshi about his time with them and says an international peacekeeping mission to combat piracy is unrealistic.

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March 4th, 2011
08:02 AM ET

Man who shot U.S. airmen possibly influenced by social media

The man accused of killing two US. service members at a German airport Wednesday has confessed and was reportedly targeting American soldiers.

Authorities say the 21 year-old suspect in custody is a recently radicalized Muslim who told investigators he acted alone. CNN Terrorism Analyst Paul Cruickshank talks to Kiran Chetry and Ali Velshi about the recent attack and what might have influenced the the man in custody.

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