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March 10th, 2011
08:10 AM ET

Father goes to White House to fight bullies in son's honor

The President and the First Lady are taking on bullies at the White House Anti-Bullying Summit Thursday. The summit will bring experts, Administration officials and the First Family together to address bullying in schools.

Bullying affects approximately one-third of all school-aged children each year and Kirk Smalley knows this first-hand; his 11 year-old son Ty was a victim of bullying and committed suicide in May, 2010. Since his son's death, Smalley has been speaking to students across the country, sharing his son's tragic story in hopes of bringing an end to bullying.

Kirk Smalley will be at the White House Anti-Bullying Summit Thursday and will be meeting with the President and First Lady. Smalley talks to T.J. Holmes about his son's story and his mission.

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