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April 8th, 2011
12:40 PM ET

Government contractors face uncertain future

If there is a government shutdown, 800,000 federal workers and their families will be impacted, millions of people who are reliant on government services, will not be getting those services. Businesses, farmers, veterans, and finally overall impact on the economy could end up several hampering the recovery and our ability to put people back to work.Government contractors are included in those affected. Tony Jiminez, president of a micro tech company with government employees speaks to CNN's American Morning on how the shutdown will affect his staff.

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  1. Chuck Kellstadt

    Game over...Our Military has been notified that their April 15th pay has been cut by 50%. I am done I have voted in every election for the past 41yrs. and this is to me beyond condemnation. Both parties need house cleaning done on them on the next election . This is totally unacceptable and the game playing has to end now ..,,I will remember in the next election and will join those now in the middle who now longer will support this type of behavior...My God what are you thinking!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 8, 2011 at 2:23 pm |
  2. Link Z. Baum

    Dear CNN,

    I have a suggestion for a three phase stimulus package which would not cost
    any more taxpayer dollars . In fact, it will save taxpayers, and at the same
    time provide millions of much needed high paying jobs, faster than any plan so

    One, most Americans want to answer the pre-election call "Yes I Can", by
    having productive work, and exercising the right to be patriotic now!

    The "Made in America" bill, would allow business depreciation "ONLY" for goods
    at least 50% "Made in U.S.A".
    And, for goods 100% "Made in America" even more rapid depreciation,along with a
    "100% USA" logo on that product.

    With, the best warranty for any product in it's class. Made in USA should say
    "The best" to the rest of the world again. Now! is the time to re-brand our
    image to mean "the best" in Global products.

    We Americans can lift ourselves out of recession. The American market is the
    envy of the World. That market is the key to our recovery!

    We need to be willing to "buy American" again. For that, we need an incentive to
    make products like American made computers (& thousands of other business
    products). If we will not buy American made, neither will the rest of the world.

    This is also a matter of "Homeland Security". Without the ability to manufacture the
    products we need, we are at the mercy of other countries.

    Think of the new business start-ups in Transportation, communications,
    electronics, and thousands of other manufactured goods,which need to be "made in

    America" to receive business depreciation.
    Think of the creation of jobs in construction and other trades, which are needed
    to retool or construct new factories. Many of these factories would be in the
    areas of the country where they are the in greatest need.
    This plan is a win-win for the entire country.

    The engineers, designers, inventors, teachers and others needed for the next
    generation of globally manufactured goods, needs to begin here in America.

    This plan is neither an import duty,nor a protectionist tax. But, rather a tax
    incentive for Americans to buy products made by Americans. The buy-product will
    be immediate and powerful. It would guarantee a quick restart to the American
    manufacturing engine. Also, a technology transfer back to the U.S. to make
    business products here.

    "The Metric Conversion Bill"

    This is a plan to convert the U.S. to Metric by 2014 for Government (and
    schools) and 2015 for the rest of the business community.

    The U.S. is the only industrial power which is not on the "Metric System".
    As such, we are at a disadvantage in trade and manufacturing. Many consumers of
    our goods will not buy products which are not "Metric" for a variety of
    important reasons.

    The costs for metric conversion will be 100% "Tax Deductible" if they are
    performed by companies using American based labor or services.

    This is the time for our school texts not only to be rewritten. But, for a new
    educational system to add electronic teaching systems to upgrade our education
    potential. Also, the added classroom computers and other tools needed for this
    revival would be made in the USA!

    This bill would do now what the Y2K event did for American business at the end
    of the 90's, a jump start to our own productivity.

    Three: Most Important!

    Rather than spending billions more, that are added to the national debt, and to
    our yearly interest.

    We need a program to reduce our National Debt, and show ourselves and the rest
    of the World that America is economically stable now, and will be more so in the
    future. We need to see the debt clock move in reverse!

    The "Deficit Reduction" bill would put a $10 per barrel tax on imported oil,
    which must be used exclusively to pay down our National Debt each year.

    This program will help to insure that alternative energy programs stay viable,
    while strengthening the American Government's ability to directly reduce our

    I believe this is the "Change" Americans are expecting from government.

    The plans above are "revenue producing", and would start to work almost as soon
    as the legislation was passed. Even more, they would set a new optimistic energy
    that America is alive and strong and moving forward!

    These steps would end the emotional cycle of fear, and replace it with hope and plans
    for a productive future, and everyone is included!

    I realize that this is one of thousands of responses, but please let me know
    that someone on your staff has seen this one...

    Link Z. Baum

    April 8, 2011 at 1:33 pm |