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April 8th, 2011
09:25 AM ET

Rep. Holmes: "We have a crowd who is holding up the whole country"

Washington (CNN) – District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton lashed out at Congress over the budget battle on Capitol Hill, saying it's time the District of Columbia "told the Congress to go straight to hell."

The Democratic non-voting member of Congress represents many of those who would be affected by a possible government shutdown. President Obama and congressional leaders are currently negotiating a deal to try to avoid a shutdown when the current continuing resolution that funds the government expires today. Norton criticized members of Congress for their treatment of her constituents. She speaks to CNN's American Morning about how she believes Congress has to get their act together because the effect on local funds is "an abomination."

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  1. Abdiel Mata

    I proudly serve my country along with my fellow comrades’. Deployments and being away from family and friends are sacrifices not just soldiers endure but our families as well. I would just like to believe that our government is not just using the military like a see-saw in this budget break down. I hope that our government dose what’s right and takes care of our families just like we gladly do when we put our lives on the line to keep our country free. I like most soldiers live pay check to pay check so no pay for a few weeks will really add stress on our plate. Now not only do we have to worry about the preparations for deployment, but now the possibility of doing that with no money.

    April 8, 2011 at 12:28 pm |
  2. Charley Brown Hinesville, GA

    I feel for the need of Congress to stop being greedy and be more concerned about feeding the pockets to the most needed. The way I see it it is not fair for them to make over 100,00 a year and not be affected by the shutdown. Goverment employees and military troops are risking lives everyday to oversee the safety of our country. To feel a government shutdown is a decisive blow of morale and welfare of all federal employees and the regular people of this country. If the government really cares for our country's future, they would put their differences aside and ask the people of this nation to give thoughts and even speak on what they think would get our country back on its feet. These are troubling times and a government shutdown is the last thing our country needs right now. For it would be shameful for other countries to be laughing and feeling sorry for us yet we're suppose to be called a superpowered country. Its time for our nation to unite together and pray for our recovery and for our futrure. May God Bless Us All.

    April 8, 2011 at 11:43 am |
  3. The_Every_Man

    My name is Patrick Joseph Vidal, but after today, you may call me "The Everyman". For i like you, am the average American Joe, fed up with the partisan politics and bureaucracy that are quickly dragging our country down the tubes on a global scale. If i wake up today, and hear that the partisan politics of narrow-minded, self-serving, greedy politicians, hiding behind false shields of morality and greater good, are going to bring our nations government to a halt...I'll be outraged, as most of you would be...but i sadly wouldn't be surprised.

    In America, our government has turned from a body of elected officials, representing our interests, in shaping OUR NATION, to a battleground for old men, and old ideals, with old motives, mostly self serving, and mostly for those very few that have the majority of the American wealth. We all know who that is: Oil, Corporations, Defense Contractors, etc. Those are the major things that are leading to our country, yours and mine, into debt. What we need is a large non partisan and independent civilian based efficiency group to comb through all that is our budget. Not all things must be cut, some can be reworked, for example using a different contractor to provide say, trash services for government buildings, and the like. All areas of the budget need to be examined, and trimmed. I firmly believe we could do what we do, with better efficiency and better contracting agreements, and not have to make so many cuts. DEFENSE SPENDING, needs to be cut back. We can spend less, do more, and be safe. Its possible. Politicians don't like the idea of that though, as reworking contracts, both in civil or defense, means they may have to anger the men with money.

    But that's really it, the things the politicians, on both sides, don't like to mention in the media, because its not nice to speak out against the people you work for. Notice how they treat them, notice how they treat us. Tax the poor, make the rich pay less. They call this good for the economy, but that's a cop out.You know what would be good for the economy, and Mr Donald Trump has this right, we need to start GETTING PAID. We outsource our jobs to other countries, we make our products there, or just buy their products instead, its ugly! But at least if we're gonna do this, and let them sell their goods in OUR marketplace, we need to make them pay us more, in the form of taxes and fees. They will cry, they wont like it, but they will pay, because they've had such a sweet deal on draining us of our American dollars for far too long, and they know it. There is only one American Market, only one us, and we like to spend. So start making them give a little to get their lots. And if the world, needs our services, other than the humanitarian aid we choose to OFFER, pay us.

    Id like to take a few moments to talk directly to a few different people.

    To President Obama and the democratic party. I've seen your desire for bettering our services of the people. I've seen your desire for change, to what extent, the good people you represent would be willing to debate. But what i also see, is that its too little, too late. Its not enough, and frankly lacks the strategy necessary to compete on the political battlefield which is our democracy, against the Republicans, who have grown more self righteous, and better at blockading progress that doesn't help capitalistic or foreign interests. Good job though on holding your ground Mr. Obama, at least you've showed us you aren't willing to be pushed around by the Republican bullies.

    To the Republican party i say this. 90% of us Americans see you as an "Old boys club". A party that cares more about making war, defense contracts, and big corporate profits, than it does bettering the life of us average Joes. The people whom make America great. The citizens, the people you claim to represent. When was the last time your party had something as ambitious for its citizens as Universal health care coverage? Stop wasting our votes, and start representing your people. Otherwise, you should be in fear of losing your position. Stop blockading any and all progress in the Government just because its not all done your way. Compromise, and do business for your people, even if one of your own isn't in the Presidential Office.

    To the "Tea Party". Shame on you. You people proclaim to be this great movement, this force of real change, that will bring back fundamental ideals, that help made this country great. But you don't. You still have your own personal self-serving agendas. You are more interested in making political war, than social betterment. You take the historical Tea Party, and dishonor it by wielding its name. You are just an extremist sect of the Republican party, and from what it seems, are here only to make self-righteous statements and stupidly unthinking statements like "SHUT IT DOWN". Why the good people don't rip Congressmen Pence from his pedestal for being so blatantly uncaring about the government shutting down, costing its citizens, men and women of the armed forces, and so many others, such stress, financial loss, and strain, is beyond me. I say, if Congressmen Mike Pence would rather look like a cowboy on television,
    flamboyantly threatening to take the Government to a grinding halt, than compromise with both sides, and keep this government of the people running...i say ..."SHUT HIM UP"

    To the government as a whole, i say to you this: You should all remember, that your first and only priority, should be to protect, better, and serve the lives of the people you represent. The masses, the average Americans of whom there are so many. The corporations, ultimately, are paid by us. The Oil companies, utilities, weapons contractors, all paid us. We are the lord and master of our government, our property, and our nation. The people. A government by the people, for the people. Our forefathers would be ashamed to see you grinding the betterment of our nation, and its people to a halt, because you've grown too fond of bickering over your own personal gains, or ideals, that we as a people care nothing about. Start working together, to better our lives, our nation, and the way in which we view your party, or we will have change. The people will demand it.

    To the media, i urge you to realize that you are a HUGE voice. You are heard by the people, the government, and the world. What you say, and how you say it matters. And whether people wish to realize it or not, you have a huge hand in what goes on in our society, and government. We the people, and they, the politicians all look to this forum, for us our answers to our questions, or for them their validations on what they can get away with. I urge you, as the media, to help lead a true era of change. Lets see some investigative reporting of the old days. Lets see the media hold politicians and government accountable, since you are the biggest voice we have. Rather than see another old politician on the news lie through his teeth on why his party is right, and the other is wrong, id much rather see my fellow citizens, speaking out, calling their fellow brethren to enact change.

    And lastly, to the people of America: This is our country, our land, our lives. The politicians we elect, are our servants. We are letting them take advantage of the honor we have placed in them, by electing them to serve as our representative to the government, and the world. Its time we start questioning what we see, and are told by these men and women, and if we don't like it, we must rally, raising our voices loud, on Social Media, network tv, news broadcasts, and in rallies for political reform. If we sit by too much longer, our government will have run everything our people have worked for, into the ground. I'm starting a movement. I'm standing up. Join me?

    -You may follow me on Twitter: @The_Every_Man
    -On Facebook: The Everyman -The Official Home of The Everyman Movement.
    Come speak out!

    April 8, 2011 at 10:57 am |
  4. Elaine

    Why did the 11th Congress not pass this last October which is the problem now? They do not want to cooperate with the Republicans
    they should have taking care of it on time. Cherry Blossom Parade is not important. Obama threatened not to pay troops which is worse then not to pay DC

    April 8, 2011 at 10:54 am |
  5. james defoe

    budget, get troops out of afganistan, iraq, and japan, and attack medical cost inflation and corruption.hire unemployed to police fraud and corruption

    April 8, 2011 at 9:56 am |
  6. Eric Smith

    Wait a minute it's our money there spending why can't we watch it live how they decide how they plan to screw us over.
    This way we can see alot of double talk going on..

    April 8, 2011 at 9:52 am |
  7. Eric Smith

    I think they should put cameras in there while there
    playing with this BUDGET so we can see them
    for the colors they really are..I would bet that the
    budget would get done much faster with AMERICA
    the VOTERS watching there every move and
    listening to there everyword..

    April 8, 2011 at 9:45 am |