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June 7th, 2011
01:09 PM ET

Breitbart: Rep. Weiner would be 'stupid' if he tried to leak more photos

This morning on "American Morning," and publisher Andrew Breitbart speaks with Kiran Chetry about why he chose to jump on stage before Congressman Anthony Weiner's press conference yesterday.

The man who broke the Rep. Weiner sexting scandal says he used the podium because his voice was hoarse.

"I walked into the ballroom and people surrounded me, started asking me questions," Breitbart says. "They said 'We can't hear you, can you get on the stage." I said, am I allowed to do that? I walked over to the stage, thought I was just going to be using the microphone to protect my voice, because I had bronchitis last week. I had zero idea they would cut it live."

Breitbart adds that he has heard that more photos from the girls who were interacting with Rep. Weiner may be released, and cautioned against any additional photo release.

"If they start going after the a way to tell girls not to come forward, I have the photo," Breitbart says of some unreleased photos of Rep. Weiner that he allegedly has possesion of. "I can't fathom he would be stupid enough to start going after the girls and start releasing photos of them that they've given. Let it lie," Breitbart adds.

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