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June 29th, 2011
03:22 PM ET

Can the US find success in Afghanistan? Joanne King Herring weighs in

With President Obama announcing that US troops will begin to drawdown next month, many are questioning if the the American military mission there can ever be considered a "success."

Joanne King Herring, founder of Marshall Plan Charities (MPC), talks with Ali Velshi this morning about her organization, which aims to create "model villages" in Afghanistan based upon the notion that for success in the country, the five areas of food, water, education, health care and jobs all need to be addressed at once.

Herring is joined by Douglas Rine, a volunteer for MPC, who has worked to help develop the organization's first "model village" by working with elders to establish plans for a school and clinic, and to plant their first soy crop.

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