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July 15th, 2011
02:13 PM ET

Pawlenty not bothered by low polls, talks debt ceiling on American Morning

(CNN) - Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty said his campaign needs to "start showing progress" in national and state-wide polls, something he's confident will happen once votes become familiar with his record.

"When my record of results gets out in Minnesota we're going to do better and you'll see that in the poll numbers," the former Minnesota governor said Friday on American Morning.

Pawlenty, who has traveled extensively to early primary and caucus states, has failed to reach double digit support when pitted against other GOP White House hopefuls.

When specifically asked about a Quinnipiac University national poll released Wednesday, which showed Pawlenty with 3 percent support, he said "the polls bounce around a little bit," but that he's the only candidate in the race who has tackled issues now in the national spotlight.

"One of the strengths I bring to it, I just don't talk about these things, I did them," Pawlenty said.

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  1. patricia

    Until our lawmakers take responsibility for getting us in this pickle,,there's no hope. The last town meeting I went to my congressman said he knows what struggles we're going through because he is worried about the 2nd house he bought in the D.C. area. Really?!?!? Can one be so out of touch? If any elected official is making enough to afford such,,they are way over paid.Guess the biggest question to them is which do you love the most,our country or the money?Here's a thought. Convert one of the hotels into a dorm for the lawmakers. Stop the party. Make the family stay home.Quit flying back and forth on my dime, and stay there till you get the job done... Seriously look into the fraud of social secruity and medicare. I can't understand why my future benefits are going to people who have never paid.I am the child of an immigrant. I was taught to love and care for this country, not take all I can get.If one is not a tax paying citizen of the U.S.,tough! These people are not only coming for jobs, but the free money and free medical.... We never seemed to have a problem with military spending when the military took care of it's own. Contractors were the only the suppliers... Stop the earmarks, PERIOD...Get government regulations and taxes that are running off business, out of our lives. Let us americans grow our own food,make our own clothes,produce our own goods. We are not all techies.We need our labor jobs back. Tough nuts to China and India. Stop the welfare state. Put us to work so we won't be beholding to anyone.

    July 22, 2011 at 8:35 am |
  2. Robert

    The real solution to America's debt limit is to cut spending. Why are they cutting spendng from Social Security that Americans have been paying into for years when they know they should be cutting free education and heathcare benefits to the millions of illegal aliens instead? Not one of our elected officials from the President to the Congress has the courage to do the right thing. Many of America's schools have already gone to 90% Hispanic or higher. Go to any Hospital emergency room or clinic and you will probably be the only non-Hispanic in the room. Time to man-up Mr. President and Congress before there is no America left for Americans. The States have been begging for help with this overwhelming financial problem for years, but the Federal government keeps looking the other way. Fact is this is the root of America's debt problem.

    July 21, 2011 at 7:26 am |