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July 18th, 2011
09:41 AM ET

Study: Bedsharing neither harmful nor helpful for kids over one

While experts have been divided over whether letting your toddler sleep with you is damaging to their development, a new study finds that it may not be harmful as long as the child is at least one year old.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it's not advised for parents to ever sleep with infants before the age of 6 months. That's the time when babies are most at risk for sudden infant death syndrome.   But the study authors and the AAP agree that once a child is 12 months old , co-sleeping or bed-sharing with parents is really up to the preference of the family.

On American Morning today, Elizabeth Cohen, senior medical correspondent, gives details on which parents are most likely to bedshare with their children and where the negative associations with the practice originated.

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