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August 5th, 2011
08:54 AM ET

Hacking of major corporations, organizations possibly linked to China – is a 'Code War' far behind?

According to the CIA, the second biggest threat facing the U.S. today is computer hacking, with number one being a nuclear attack. Cyber warfare has become an enormous problem, with hackers targeting our satellite systems ans sensitive defense sites.

According to a report released by computer security firm McAfee, a wide-reaching hacking scheme known as "Operation Shady RAT" has possible roots in China. Among those affected: 36 corporations, 12 non-profits, 15 U.S. government agencies and 12 U.S. defense contractors were victims of the cyber attacks, according to McAfee.

On American Morning this morning, Colonel Cedric Leighton, Military Intelligence Expert and Founder Cedric Leighton Associates, and Duncan B. Hollis, Professor of Law at Temple University School of Law, explain why the threat may be coming from overseas, what information the hackers may be seeking and how we can protect ourselves from an attack.

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