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August 12th, 2011
01:46 PM ET

Who made a strong showing at the GOP Iowa debate yesterday?

The Ames Straw Poll, arguably the first major vote of the 2012 presidential campaign, is set to happen this Saturday. The poll is not binding, but three out of five times the winner has gone on to win the Iowa caucus and the nomination.

As a lead up to the event, last night, Republican presidential candidates squared off at a debate sponsored by Fox News and The Washington Examiner and held in an arena at Iowa State University.

Today on American Morning, Al Diguido, CEO of ZETA Interactive, and Ann Selzer, independent pollster and owner of Selzer & Company, join Carol Costello to weigh in on who made a strong showing at last night's debate and who is the front runner heading into this weekend's straw poll.

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