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August 15th, 2011
10:14 AM ET

Hotline volunteers answer questions about Islam

You might have seen the billboards along the highway.

The Islamic Circle of North America, an organization for Muslim Americans, has put over 50 billboards across the country to advertise 877-Why-Islam - a 24/7 hotline that people can call to ask questions about the religion.

Callers will get answers from volunteer Muslim Americans answering the phone, who say they're doing it an effort to counter anti-Muslim stereotypes and misinformation in the media.

Today on American Morning, CNN's Carol Costello talks with Asif Mustafa, a Wall Street employee and hotline volunteer, about why he is participating.

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August 15th, 2011
10:07 AM ET

Indiana Gov. Daniels: Foul play not suspected in stage collapse at Indiana State Fair

(CNN) - The Indiana State Fair was scheduled to reopen Monday with a public memorial service for five people killed when a concert stage collapsed during a storm, officials said.

The fairgrounds were closed Saturday night following the accident, which occurred shortly before the country music duo Sugarland was to take the stage before an audience of about 12,000.

Investigators on Sunday sifted through debris of the stage, trying to determine what caused the accident that also injured 40 people, authorities said.

This morning on American Morning, CNN's Alina Cho talks with Gov. Mitch Daniels on the latest into the investigation.

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August 15th, 2011
10:05 AM ET

Appeals court says government can't force you to buy insurance – will health care reform go to the Supreme Court?

Washington (CNN) - A federal appeals court has tossed out key provisions of the sweeping health care reform bill championed by President Obama, setting up a likely election-year showdown at the Supreme Court over the landmark legislation.

A 2-1 panel of the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta on Friday found that the law's "individual mandate" section - requiring nearly all Americans to purchase health insurance by 2014 or face financial penalties - was an improper exercise of federal authority.

On American Morning this morning, CNN legal contributor Paul Callan talks with Alina Cho and Carol Costello on the legal implications of this decision and whether the case is headed to the Supreme Court.

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August 15th, 2011
09:56 AM ET

Weekend shake up in the race for the GOP presidential nomination

The 2012 GOP political landscape was dramatically altered this weekend as Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann surfed a wave of attention coming off the Ames Straw Poll and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his entry into the race for the nomination at a meeting of conservatives in South Carolina.

Today on American Morning, Leslie Sanchez, Republican analyst, and Dana Loesch, CNN contributor, join Carol Costello to discuss how the dynamics in the race have changed and to weigh in on what Americans can expect from the candidates in the days to come.

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August 15th, 2011
08:48 AM ET

Only on AM – MONEY Magazine reveals list of the 100 best small cities to live in America

Reporters for MONEY magazine recently spent months combing through information about America's small towns (those with populations of less than 50,000) to find out which stand out for possessing qualities that American families care most about.

The publication took numerous factors into consideration when compiling the list,  including job opportunities, fiscal strength, top-notch schools, safe streets, good health care, cultural and outdoor activities, and even nice weather.

Beth Fenner, assistant managing editor for MONEY, joins American Morning today to explain why they decided to focus on smaller cities and to break down the top five towns on the list.

Get the entire list of MONEY Magazine's 100 Best Small Cities to Live in America here.

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August 15th, 2011
08:36 AM ET

Study: Siblings of autistic children more likely to have autism than previously thought

A new study released this morning by the journal Pediatrics finds that the siblings of autistic children are more likely to have autism than previously thought.

Previous studies estimated that the ASD recurrence risk in younger siblings was between 3% and 10%. But this study found that the overall risk was much higher, at 18.7% and even higher in families with more than one affected sibling – about 32.2%.

Today on American Morning, Alycia Halladay, director for environmental research for Autism Speaks, joins Alina Cho to explain the study and to weigh in on how this research may impact future genetic screening and family planning decisions.

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