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August 19th, 2011
10:09 AM ET

How are the 2012 presidential candidates trying to connect with voters?

The candidates competing for the 2012 presidency have started to seriously focus on their campaigns, issuing campaign ads and traveling throughout the country making public appearances.

When it comes down to how well the candidates have managed to connect with voters, many factors, including their style, personality and demeanor, have ultimately influenced how well they've been received.

Why are Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann resonating so well while Mitt Romney seems to be lagging behind? Does Obama still have the same energy and excitement he did as a candidate now that he's president?

Tevi Troy, former presidential candidate debate prepster, and Martha Burk, political psychologist, join Carol Costello today on American Morning to break down the candidates' images and to discuss what tactics have worked and what have not on the campaign trail so far.

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