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August 26th, 2011
10:06 AM ET

The manhunt for Gadhafi: How much longer can the fallen leader remain on the run?

Following the discovery of a dozen bodies with their hands bound behind their backs near Gadhafi's compound yesterday, the United Nations and its diplomatic partners are calling on Gadhafi and his inner circle to surrender and prevent further bloodshed.

However, the fallen leader continues to urge his loyalists not to surrender. In an audio message that was released Thursday, purportedly from Gadhafi, he states, "Do not leave Tripoli for the rats, do not leave them. Fight them, destroy them."

The National Transitional Council, the rebel leadership, remains determined to discover the whereabouts of Gadhafi and to completely topple his regime with minimal civilian losses.

Today on American Morning, Nicholas Burns, former Under Secretary of State and professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, weighs in on the hunt for Gadhafi and explains how long violence could continue within the city of Tripoli.

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