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September 1st, 2011
12:36 PM ET

Can Obama sell the American people on his jobs speech?

Yesterday, President Obama agreed to move his scheduled special address to a joint session of Congress back one day - from September 7 to September 8 - after Speaker Boehner sent him a letter saying it would be impossible for lawmakers to pass a resolution allowing a joint session in time.

The political showdown has reignited partisan tensions, with Republicans say that scheduling the speech for the original date was a political move timed to coincide with a GOP televised presidential debate and the White House dismissing such accusations.

The White House and lawmakers can't even agree on when to share the Presiden't jobs plan – what does this say about what to expect in the week ahead?

Ron Brownstein, CNN senior political analyst, joins Carol Costello today on American Morning to weigh in Obama's jobs plan and the scheduling spat.

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