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September 1st, 2011
12:31 PM ET

Obama moves jobs speech after Boehner pushes back – is it politics or a gaffe?

The debate over the date of President Obama's jobs speech has given his opponents plenty to run with.

The President hoped to talk to a joint session of Congress next Wednesday, the same night as a Republican debate. But House Speaker John Boehner pushed back, and the President backed down, rescheduling the speech on Thursday. Now the President's speech will be up against the NFL's opening night.

Today on American Morning, Politico senior political writer Maggie Haberman and CNN contributor John Avlon look at the implications of the uproar over the scheduling. They also discuss Avlon's latest article for the Daily Beast, looking at why so many people continue to urge New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to run for President, despite his repeated statements that he isn't interested.

You can read Avlon's article on Christie here.

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