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September 12th, 2011
09:49 AM ET

Tea Party favorite Herman Cain: Racism 'doesn't exist in the movement'

Although the latest CNN/ORC poll has presidential hopeful and former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain polling at just 6%, he has strong support in the Tea Party, the movement that was extremely influential in last year's GOP primaries in the midterm elections that helped the Republicans win back control of the House of Representatives.

"My supporters are consistent, and they don't defect," Cain says on today's American Morning. "So we are going to continue to move up."

Cain is optimistic as he looks toward tonight's CNN/Tea Party debate in Florida, where himself and seven other GOP contenders for the Republican nomination will square off about issues like the economy and Social Security.

Cain breaks down his 999 jobs plan and weighs in on racism in the Tea Party with Ali Velshi on today's show.

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