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September 13th, 2011
11:05 AM ET

How did Perry do at last night's GOP debate? Rep. Cannon weighs in

Governor Rick Perry received a great deal of criticism from his fellow GOP candidates last night, taking heat for his stance on Social Security, his HPV vaccination program, and his economic record.

Today on American Morning, Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, who is a Perry surrogate, joins Ali Velshi to discuss the debate and to weigh in on how last night may have affected Perry's campaign.

"Look, when you're the front-runner, everybody picks on you," Cannon says. "I think Governor Perry did a good job of defending his record, standing his ground, and showing the kind of strengths that Americans want from their next president."

Many candidates attacked Perry last night on his history of jobs creation, saying that it is the favorable conditions in Texas that account for the low unemployment rate.

When pressed about this matter, Cannon defended the candidate, saying "Governor Perry made it clear that he didn't create the jobs, the private sector did."

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