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September 22nd, 2011
11:24 AM ET

Troy Davis executed after the Supreme Court rejects his eleventh-hour plea

Troy Davis, whose case drew international attention and became a focus for death penalty opponents, was put to death by lethal injection in Savannah, Georgia last night.

Davis, who was convicted of killing an off-duty Savannah police officer 22 years ago, filed an eleventh-hour plea Wednesday asking the United States Supreme Court to stop Georgia authorities from executing him.

After a delay of more than three hours, the Supreme Court issued a ruling denying his request.

Today on American Morning, Paul Callan, CNN legal contributor, explains if he was surprised at the Supreme Court's decision and weighs in on whether or not the protests over Davis' execution will cause reform to the judicial system.

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September 22nd, 2011
04:28 AM ET

Talk Back: Should patriotism be a political tool?

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From CNN's Carol Costello:

Presidential hopeful Rick Perry recently came out with a new campaign ad that emphasizes patriotism and strongly states that Perry is "an American."

Within the same ad, Perry bashes President Obama, asserting, "The United States of America really is the really great hope for mankind. It's time to get America working again. We don't need a president who apologizes for America."

Promoting patriotism is a campaign tactic that has proven quite effective in past elections. Remember the infamous "swiftboat" ads by a pro-Bush group that questioned Vietnam veteran John Kerry's heroism? Bush eventually denounced the ads, but the damage was done. Kerry lost the election.

Patriotism has worked for Democrats too. During the 2008 campaign, vice presidential candidate Joe Biden said, wealthy Americans should pay more taxes because "its time to be patriotic."

Talk Back: Should patriotism be a political tool?

Let us know what you think. Your response could be read on our program.

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