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September 26th, 2011
10:19 AM ET

President Obama reaching out to African-American voters

President Obama is set to be interviewed on BET tonight about how the economic crisis is affecting African-Americans. This will be his first interview by BET and comes as he told blacks at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner on Saturday to quit crying and complaining and "put on your marching shoes" to follow him into battle for jobs and opportunity.

President Obama has faced growing criticism from black leaders who claim that he is not doing enough to improve black unemployment, which is nearly double the national average at 16.7 percent.

Errol Louis talks to Ali Velshi on American Morning today about Obama's outreach to African-American voters and the message he will try to get get across to voters tonight.

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September 26th, 2011
05:23 AM ET

Talk Back: Is Bill Clinton helping or hurting President Obama?

From CNN's Carol Costello:

Bill Clinton, the last two-term Democratic president, may have thrown cold water on President Obama's bid for a second term.

Clinton told the conservative website "Newsmax" that now is not the time to raise taxes saying, "I personally don't think we should be raising taxes or cutting spending, either one, till we get this economy off the ground. This has been a dead flat economy."

However, in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Clinton blasted Republicans for their anti-tax ideology and said he'd support the president's millionaires tax.

Nevertheless, conservatives are thrilled about Clinton's comments to "Newsmax," with Congressman Eric Cantor saying, "I hope President Obama will heed the advice of President Clinton and drop his demand for one of the largest tax increases in American history."

Talk Back: Is Bill Clinton helping or hurting President Obama?

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