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September 29th, 2011
10:56 AM ET

Comedian Dean Obeidallah: With politics so hyperpolarized, who would want to be president?

Dean Obeidallah, award-winning comedian, wrote a thought-provoking piece yesterday titled, "Why would anyone want to be president?."

Within the article, Obdeillah argues that the American public is increasingly demanding of political candidates due to conditioning to reality show competitions on TV.

"On any number of TV shows each week, we watch, judge and vote on whether a person performs to our liking," he writes. "One week we sing their praises, but the next week, if they misstep, they are dead to us. We now treat our candidates this way."

With politics so hyperpolarized and candidates facing challenges from unreasonable, demanding voters, Obdeillah questions why would anyone want to run for president.

Today on American Morning, Obdeillah sits down with Carol Costello to discuss his opinion piece and the political climate in America.

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