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September 30th, 2011
05:28 PM ET

The geography of pain: the best state to be in during a recession

Ron Brownstein has a new article out today in The National Journal called "The Geography of Pain".

It's a 50-state economic report card on President Obama using newly released Census data. Brownstein says we are facing a "continent-sized storm". He says "the states hit by the economic crisis are also the ones that President Obama may need the most to win re-election."  Many saying that if the President asked the country if they were better off now than yfour years ago, he would get a resounding "no" from some pretty key battleground states.

Also, Florida will be moving up the date of their Republican primary, trying to get out after South Carolina. With Florida being the state to watch, who does this effect the most?

Ron Brownstein talks to American Morning about where President Obama stands going into this election season.

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