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October 3rd, 2011
10:42 AM ET

In Depth: 5 best apps to make your life easier

This week on CNN, we're taking an in depth look at our mobile society. With the proliferation of mobile devices constantly connected to wireless networks, it can often seem overwhelming or like people are 'always connected.'

But some people have been able to put that to use, taking their devices and finding applications, or "apps" that simply our lives.

You know the catch phrase: "There's an app for that." It was coined by Apple, and it really underscores the amount of information that is now at your fingertips via your cell phone or tablet.

This morning on American Morning, editor-in-chief Joe Brown lists the five essential apps you need to simplify your life.

To read more about the apps mention on the site, visit:
Best app to start your day: Simplenote
Best app for travel: TripIt
Best app to track your money: Mint
Best app for fun: Kindle
Best app to chow down: Epi

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