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October 5th, 2011
05:42 AM ET

Talk Back: Is Occupy Wall Street the dawn of a liberal Tea Party?

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 From CNN's Carol Costello:

Ever since the dawn of the Tea Party, liberal activists have yearned for a revolution of their own.  For instance, filmmaker Michael Moore has sought to launch a mass movement by railing against Wall Street.

Moore said that Occupy Wall Street protests were "the end result of these bankers overplaying their hand."  He added: "They were already filthy rich. But filthy rich wasn't enough. " Moore has lended his celebrity to the movement and has helped protests with their social media outreach.

With the help of Twitter and Facebook, the protests have spread to other cities.  Hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested. The protesters are attracting some powerful allies – including half a dozen unions, who will march on New York's city hall today.

This group has clout and money, and they're angry at the powers that be.  In other words, they are – in many ways –  something like a liberal version of the Tea Party.  But many of the protesters don't see themselves that way.

"We dont want to be a left political group," said Tyler Combelic, a media rep for Occupy Wall Street.  "We dont want to be a political group at all. We want a call for activism."

Combelic added: "Hopefully if it grows.  Suddenly people will have the same power lobbyists have."

And heads up Wall Street – even says that this could be "more than just another loony protest movement from the left."

Talk Back: Is Occupy Wall Street The Dawn Of a Liberal Tea Party?

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