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October 20th, 2011
06:58 AM ET

AM Minding Your Business for Oct. 20, 2011

Today on American Morning, Christine Romans reports on the morning business news headlines.

Today we're watching:

* The Fed's latest report on the economy says it's growing, but at a slow pace.
* U.S. stock futures are up today. Investors are waiting to get a new read on the economy this morning.
* Anger over the country's economic crisis is boiling over in the streets of Athens, Greece.
* We're also waiting for a bunch of new earnings reports. AT&T, Mcgraw-Hill, The New York Times, and Philip Morris International will all release their third quarter results before the bell.
* Citigroup is agreeing to pay $285 million to settle claims by the SEC that the bank misled investors in 2007.
* Soon you'll be able to go into Starbucks and ask for a tall, sweet blonde. The coffee chain will soon offer a new "blonde" blend – a lighter roast for people who can't stomach the dark stuff.

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