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November 1st, 2011
05:10 AM ET

Talk Back: Will sexual harassment accusations sink Herman Cain?

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From CNN's Carol Costello:

You've heard the ever-shifting story by now, it started with a story in Politico. Two women accused Cain of "sexually impropriety" in the 90's, back when Cain was Chief Honcho for the National Restaurant Association.

At first Cain's camp said the Politico story was "false". Then Cain denied there had been a cash settlement, until he didn't. By the time Cain appeared on Fox News Monday night he had an epiphany. Not only did he remember there was a settlement, he remembered the exact gesture that made one of his accusers uncomfortable.

None of this means Cain is guilty of anything, but shifting his story matters to those who represent victims of sexual harassment. If Cain is elected President he will be head of the largest workplace in the nation. As attorney and women's advocate Gloria Allred told me, the President must be the gold standard of employers. Didn't we learn anything from the Clinton era?

Talk Back: Will sexual harassment accusations sink Herman Cain?

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