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November 9th, 2011
05:24 AM ET

Talk Back: Should Joe Paterno Resign?

From CNN's Carol Costello:

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Let's not mince words: Legendary football coaches are gods. And Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno certainly qualifies as one of them.

Joe Paterno wields an incredible amount of influence at Penn State. University administrators are powerless in the face of his 409 wins and all the money that comes with them. But maybe not now.

According to a Grand Jury report, Paterno was informed back in 2002 that coach Jerry Sandusky was seen having sex in the shower with a young boy. Paterno went on to tell Penn State's Athletic Director – the minimum he was required to do by law.

Paterno cancelled a press conference Tuesday due to the ongoing legal case.

"I know you guys got a lot of good questions and I'd like to answer them," Paterno told CNN Tuesday.  "I can't do it now. We're going to have a Friday press conference and we might have another soon."

Paterno is beloved for the 46 years he's dedicated himself to teaching his players about life – as well as about football.

"I think you can have a tremendous impact on a kid," Paterno once said. "You're not teaching him facts. You're teaching him things about character. You're teaching him things about success. You're teaching him things about what it takes to get along with other people."

Paterno is kn known for running a "clean" program. You don't hear about paying players at or falsifying SAT scores at Penn State. But now his reputation might be irrevocably harmed.

"We don't know yet who is legally guilty," writes columnist Michael Rosenberg. "But several prominent employees at the state university are morally guilty. And one of them is Joe Paterno."

Talk Back: Should Joe Paterno resign?

Let us know what you think. Your answer may be read on this morning's broadcast.

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