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November 18th, 2011
10:56 AM ET

Is the GOP missing an opportunity by not embracing Occupy Wall Street's message?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has helped changed the national conversation, bringing new attention to income inequality.  Many Democrats have been eager to embrace the movement and it's message. Most Republicans, on the other hand, have been less than enthusiastic about the group.

Carol Costello talks with the Weekly Standard's Matt Continetti and CNN contributor Will Cain about the relationship the GOP should have with the people and ideology behind Occupy Wall Street.

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November 18th, 2011
10:55 AM ET

Rep. Van Hollen on super committee deadline: 'We know what is at stake'

Time is running short in Washington for congress to reach a debt deal. There's now only five days left for the so-called super committee to come to an agreement. 

The bi-partisan group needs to shave $1.2 trillion dollars from the nation's deficit. But after two months of negotiating, the super committee still remains deadlocked over debt and taxes.

Today on American Morning, Christine Romans talks with super committee member Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) about what's standing in the way of a deal.

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November 18th, 2011
10:53 AM ET

Police and protestors clash in OWS 'Day of Action' – is police reaction too aggressive?

Occupy Wall Street marked their two month anniversary with a bang in New York City yesterday. Protestors clashed with police as they attempted to lift barricades, block traffic, and clog subways. Some of the struggles even turned bloody; the NYPD says one officer was cut by a flying object in Zuccotti Park.

Christine Romans talks with former NYPD commissioner John Timoney about the challenges police officers face in controlling these kinds of protests.

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November 18th, 2011
10:47 AM ET

Toomey: Debt deal is "still possible, [but] it’s not going to be easy"

The Congressional super committee has just five days left to put together a deficit deal. The bi-partisan group is currently gridlocked over taxes and entitlement reform. Now many are wondering if an agreement can actually be reached.

Today on American Morning, Sen. Pat Toomey tells Carol Costello that a debt agreement is "still possible, [but] it’s not going to be easy." See the entire interview above.

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November 18th, 2011
10:43 AM ET

Another major university confronted with sexual abuse scandal – Author Buzz Bissinger on what this means for college atheltics

Syracuse University men's assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine has been placed on administrative leave over sexual abuse allegations made by a man in 2005. Police said they had reopened an investigation into allegations of inappropriate touching, which allegedly occurred years before the allegation was made. These accusations come as another major university, Penn State, is facing its own sexual abuse scandal.

Today on American Morning, Newsweek columnist Buzz Bissinger talks about what these two cases reveal about the current state of college athletics. As Bissinger tells Carol Costello, "College sports are a monster – and they have to be contained."

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November 18th, 2011
08:10 AM ET

AM Minding Your Business for Nov. 18, 2011

Today on American Morning, Christine Romans reports on the morning business news headlines.

This morning, we're watching:

* U.S. stock futures are trading higher at the moment, after another shaky session on Wall Street. Concerns about Europe's debt problems still pushing markets lower worldwide into today.
* We're keeping an eye on Spanish bond yields. They were up to that critical 7% level yesterday – that's the level at which other countries had to seek international bailouts. But the Spanish government insists Spain will not need a bailout from the EU.
* American retail icon GAP is still struggling. Profits dropped 36% in the third quarter and sales were down 6%. Banana Republic and Old Navy also owned by the gap.
* Black Friday is one week from today, and the National Retail Federation estimates that 152 million people will be hitting those sales this year. That's up 10% from a year ago.
* The Honda Civic natural gas model is taking home the Green Car Journal's "Green Car of the Year" award at the l-A Auto Show this week. This is the fifth generation of this model, and it's been praised for its great fuel efficiency and roomier design.

Tune in to American Morning at 6am Eastern every day for the latest in business news.

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