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September 23rd, 2011
10:44 AM ET

Bo Derek to lobby for rain forest conservation at the U.N.

It's opening week at the United Nations and actress Bo Derek is in New York for the UN General Assembly gathering to ask for international efforts to support a program led by Ecuador and the United Nations Development Programme to save Yasuni National Park, under which nearly one billion barrels of oil lie.

Derek hopes to raise $100 million dollars for the conservation effort by the end of year. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and President of Ecuador Rafael Correa will be co-hosting an event in support of Yasuni this evening at the UN, where a number of fund raising agreements are expected to be signed.

Today on American Morning, Derek explains the effort to Alina Cho and weighs in on whether or not she thinks that she will be able to convince world leaders to sign on to the cause.

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