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November 17th, 2010
01:22 PM ET

AM's green living series recap

If you missed any part of American Morning's green living series, here's your chance to catch up.

Monday: What motivates Americans to go green?
Do you buy recyclable items because you know it will benefit the planet, or because you want to keep up with the neighbors?
CNN's Deb Feyerick takes a look at why people decide to go green.

Tuesday: How your family can go green
Paper or plastic? Does it matter? It’s drilled into consumers to help the environment but its confusing knowing what will really make a difference. CNN's Jason Carroll talks with Erin Bernard Benson, a new mother who has made it her mission to make her family’s lifestyle more eco-friendly. To read more about Erin and her adventures in first-time eco-baby life, visit her blog "A Mom's Writing."

Wednesday: What does the future hold for eco-friendly homes?
The GreenBuild Expo takes place in Chicago this week where they will be talking about the “greening” of American homes, including both new homes and retrofitted homes. Jason Carroll talks to a family in upstate New York who give us a tour of their affordable eco-family modular home.

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