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November 8th, 2011
03:27 PM ET

Sharon Bialek, Cain accuser: Cain's wife must be going through 'own personal turmoil'

Yesterday, Sharon Bialek became the first woman to publicly come forward with allegations that Herman Cain sexually harassed her in 1997. Cain has denied these accusations and criticized Bialek's lawyer, Gloria Allred, who he called a "celebrity lawyer" in a statement issued by his campaign last night.

Bialek and Allred join Carol Costello on American Morning today to discuss the details of the allegations and to explain why Bialek is coming forward after all of these years. When asked why she decided to come forward with her allegations, Bialek says that her thirteen year old son ultimately influenced her decision.

"He said, mom, you need to do the right thing. I think you need to tell on him," Bialek explains. "That confirmed it for me"

Bialek urges Herman Cain to come forward with the details of the story for his wife, who she said must be going "through her own personal turmoil."

Watch the entire interview here.

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November 2nd, 2011
01:45 PM ET

What legal issues are preventing one of Cain's accusers from speaking out?

One of the women who accused GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment wants to tell her side of the story but is barred by a confidentiality agreement.

Her lawyer, Joel P. Bennett, has called on the National Restaurant Association, where her and Cain worked in the late 1990s, to release the woman from her agreement not to discuss the allegations.

Paul Callan, CNN legal contributor, weighs in on the controversy and explains how likely it is that the agreement will be waived on American Morning today.

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