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November 18th, 2010
07:51 AM ET

Murkowski takes her victory lap in final Senate race

(CNN) – Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska Wednesday declared victory over fellow Republican Joe Miller in the nation's last Senate race, saying the result of her write-in candidacy was a "miracle." "Against all odds, we as Alaskans together made history," Murkowski told cheering supporters in Anchorage. If she prevails in a potential challenge, Murkowski would become the second person to ever win a write-in bid for the U.S. Senate. Murkowski's statement was the climax in the state's bitter and prolonged Senate battle.

This morning, Murkowski speaks to American Morning. She explains why she's claiming victory and gives her opinion on Sarah Palin.

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November 4th, 2010
08:22 AM ET

Moving on from midterms: Will Congress get nasty?

Midterm results are in. And, looking ahead, lawmaking could get rough for Congress next season.

Jonathan Martin, senior political reporter at POLITICO, joins John Roberts on American Morning to break down what America can expect when its newly elected lawmakers arrive in Washington.

Will Tea Party energy shake up D.C.?

Could moderate GOP-elects help get business done?

And, how's Pelosi taking it all?

Martin gives his take.

How do you think the candidate your state elected will fit in?

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November 4th, 2010
06:55 AM ET

Alaska busy counting the many ways to spell 'Murkowski'

Major election drama still unfolding in Alaska where incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R, could make a historic comeback as a write-in candidate.

News this morning: write-in votes, presumably for Murkowski, currently lead the race, and the date to determine a winner is now Nov. 10, not Nov. 18 as planned.

Anchorage TV anchor Matthew Felling joins John Roberts to talk about the legal battle the state may face in counting and decoding the write-in ballots.

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November 2nd, 2010
07:19 AM ET

Election Day 2010: Voters get their say

American Morning is on live this morning from 5:00AM to 9:00AM today, and we'll pick right back up at 3AM tomorrow morning and go live until 12:00pm with the latest election results.

This morning, we have interviews with DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and Republican Senate Candidate for Kentucky Rand Paul.

Here's what we're reading this morning:
Election finally in the hands of nation's voters
No dearth of U.S. voter resources online
After a long and nasty campaign, voters finally decide on Tuesday

Today, we want to hear from you. Will you be voting? Why are you voting? What races are you interested in this year?

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November 1st, 2010
11:05 AM ET

Steele: Republicans in shadows need to 'shut up,' focus on tomorrow

One day 'til midterm elections.

How are the Republicans preparing in the final hours?

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele tells American Morning’s John Roberts that Republicans need to focus on winning elections tomorrow night–not on 2012, and whether Sarah Palin will run for President.

"Let’s stop the Washington-inside games. No one cares about that," Steele told Roberts. "Help us make phone calls. Help us dial in the districts around the country so we can turn out our vote. That’s what these folks should be doing right now, not focusing on Sarah Palin. Cause Sarah Palin doesn’t focus on Sarah Palin, she’s focused on winning elections and seats tomorrow night."

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November 1st, 2010
11:04 AM ET

Rep. Van Hollen: Voters will prove pollsters, pundits wrong

Midterm elections just hours away.

A new Gallup polls shows a grim outlook for Democrats, with 55 percent of likely voters saying they’ll go Republican.

So, what's the Democrats last push for votes?

Today on American Morning, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D, Maryland, shares his reaction to the recent polls with Kiran Chetry.

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