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October 18th, 2011
09:37 AM ET

Former Wall Street insider explains why he supports the Occupy Wall Street protesters

The Occupy Wall Street protesters gained an unexpected advocate last week in the form of Henry Blodget, a former top stock analyst who went on to found the website Business Insider, where he is now the editor-in-chief.

Blodget recently posted an article the website titled "What the Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About," which has already received almost four million views. Within the post, Blodget presents a series of graphs that illustrate the protester's grievances, arguing that "in the never-ending tug-of-war between 'labor' and 'capital,' there has rarely—if ever—been a time when 'capital' was so clearly winning."

Today on American Morning, Blodget sits down with Christine Romans to explain his arguments and to discuss the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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October 14th, 2011
01:39 PM ET

Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street: Is there room for both movements?

The Occupy Wall Street movement had a huge breakthrough this morning when the Zuccatti Park owners backed down from their original promise to make protesters leave the park for the parks cleaning. 

Tea Party groups have launched an attack against the Occupy Wall Street protests, challenging the line that the anti-corporate uprising is the "the Tea Party of the left." Both movements are saying that the media has villified their groups.

This morning on American Morning, Carol Costello talks to Amy Kremer, chair of the Tea Party Express and Dan Cantor, Executive Director of the Working Families Party.

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October 12th, 2011
10:51 AM ET

"We are the 53 percent" movement emerges as counterweight to Occupy Wall Street protests

The Occupy Wall Street protesters say they're getting a rotten deal. They argue that 99% of Americans are forced to work long hours for little pay so that greedy corporate honchos can take home big paychecks. Recently, a new counter-movement has emerged – the "We are the 53 percent" movement, which started on Tumblr. The site says it represents the 53% of Americans who pay federal income taxes. Unlike the Occupy Wall Street protesters, those in the "53 percent" movement claim they too work hard, pay their taxes – and most importantly, refuse to complain about any of it.

Christine Romans talks this morning with CNN contributor Erick Ericson, editor-in-chief of and the brainchild behind the "We are the 53 percent" blog.  Ericson tells Christine that the protestors shouldn't be occupying Wall Street; they should be occupying K Street and Congress

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October 11th, 2011
11:43 AM ET

Co-editor of the "We Are the 99 Percent" blog discusses the Occupy Wall Street protests

In honor of the start of the Occupy Wall Street protests in September, the founder of the Tumblr site "We Are the 99 Percent" decided that creating the blog would be a good way to promote the event. He invited those who visited the site to submit their picture with a sign explaining how the financial times have been affected them and asked them to identify themselves at the "99 percent."

On the first day that submissions began to be published, there were five posts on the site. Less than a month later, the blog publishes nearly 100 posts a day from a range of Americans who have been struggling in this economy.

Today on American Morning, Ali Velshi speaks with Priscilla Grim, co-editor of the "We Are the 99 Percent" Tumblr and an occupier at the Occupy Wall Street protest. Grim discusses what type of submissions the blog has received and explains the message behind the movement.

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October 7th, 2011
07:18 AM ET

'Occupy Wall Street' goes viral – protests happening nationwide

It's like you can feel that it's becoming something bigger. As we enter the fourth week of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement today, the movement has gone nationwide. The message is spreading like the hottest viral video, and people aren't laughing anymore.

CNN's Carol Costello reports on why the message of "Occupy Wall Street" is taking hold across the country.

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October 5th, 2011
11:52 AM ET

Occupy Wall Street gaining strength – could this be the beginning of a new political movement?

The "Occupy Wall Street" campaign, which began September 17th, has spread across the country. Many are saying this could be the making of a new political movement, possibly the liberal verison on the Tea Party movement.

At this point the "Occupy Wall Street" movement doesn't have one clear mission statement, but that hasn't stopped people from wondering if, with fresh union support, if the protests will turn into something more.

On American Morning this morning, Georgetown University history professor Michael Kazin talks with Carol Costello about what it would take to turn the energy in these crowds into a political movement.

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