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May 5th, 2011
01:17 PM ET

Seals' downed helicopter uniquely designed for stealth

The remnants of the Seals' helicopter that went down in Sunday's mission at Osama Bin Laden's compound reveal a helicopter model that is unknown to aviation experts. The military likely designed the helicopter differently than other known models for stealth reasons. William Sweetman, Editor-In-Chief of Aviation Week's Defense Technology International, talks to American Morning about the never before seen helicopter.

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May 5th, 2011
01:12 PM ET

Sen. Charles Schumer to visit WTC site with President Obama

President Obama will be visiting Ground Zero Thursday, four days after he ordered the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) stood with President Bush at the same site nearly ten years ago and will accompany Obama Thursday. Sen. Schumer talks to American Morning about the significance of his visit.

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October 19th, 2010
03:10 PM ET

Former analyst: Al Qaeda is stronger

Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit, talks to John Roberts on Al Qaeda's next possible move.

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October 18th, 2010
10:25 PM ET

The Teaser for Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"The Teaser” is a preview of the guests we have lined up for the next day – so you know when to tune in (and when to set your alarm!). Guests and times are always subject to change.

6:24AM Michael Scheuer, Former CIA Counterterrorism Analyst and also headed the  CIA's Osama Bin Laden Unit, on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.  Is bin Laden still directing operations for al Qaeda?

6:40AM John Avlon, CNN Contributor and columnist for, on the New York gubernatorial race and reaction to last night’s colorful debate. What is the national impact of this race?

7:20AM Max Kellerman, CNN Contributor, on the helmet-to-helmet hits in NFL games Sunday. Will the league suspend players who violate the rules?  Will imposing fines help?

7:40AM Nathan Gonzalez, Political Editor, The Rothenberg Political Report, with two weeks until the midterm elections, the Rothenberg Political Report says it could be a bloodbath for the Democrats.

8:40AM Tovah Klein, Director, Barnard College Center for Toddler Develop, on the pros and cons of using  iPhones to mollify a fussy toddler.

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April 28th, 2009
04:30 PM ET

Osama bin Laden dead?

CNN's Nic Robertson reports on Pakistan's president's comment that Osama bin Laden may be dead.
CNN's Nic Robertson reports on Pakistan's president's comment that Osama bin Laden may be dead.

By Nic Robertson
CNN Senior International Correspondent

When I first heard Pakistan's President Asif ali Zardari claim Osama bin Laden was dead, my initial reaction was... Not again?

Zardari was elected last September. I met him the night the votes were counted as he celebrated at a beautiful garden party outside a sparkling palace overlooking the capital. He was charming. His aides told me I could ask one question only, that I'd get a longer interview later. That was seven months ago and I'm still waiting.

I learned then the president's team rarely give him camera time one-on-one with reporters. When faced with three of them Tuesday he appears to have inadvertently stumbled in to creating a headline he didn't intend because barely three hours later his own prime minister contradicted him. He said they have no such evidence Osama bin Laden is dead and wasn't aware of the president's comments.

Before Zardari came to office his predecessor's officials regularly briefed reporters bin Laden was dead. Why? To deflect criticism the al Qaeda leader may be hiding in Pakistan. They would tell us they had no information about him therefore he must be dead. They'd often follow that with a line about, well if the CIA knows where he is in Pakistan why don't they tell us.

President Zardari appeared to be treading perilously close to those same confusing statements. The trouble is when a head of state says bin Laden is dead it is hard to ignore. For many observers of Pakistan's often tumultuous politics the bin Laden news spike has the hallmark of a disconnect between the country's two leading men that they say is indicative of the country's faltering politics. Not that these two good friends are falling out just they seem out of step when the country and the world are looking to them for a coherent path forward against the growing menace of an emboldened Taliban.

The read I have is that if bin Laden were dead, which I hasten to add we have no evidence for at this stage, President Zardari is unlikely to be the one to break the news to the world. The al Qaeda leader still has enough supporters in this country that if Pakistan were hinted to have a hand in his demise the backlash would last for weeks.

The only caveat I offer is that Osama bin Laden is a big dark secret and any time, any day we may learn he has met his maker, but expect a few more false starts before that happens.

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