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March 30th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 3/30/2010

Editor's Note: Tuesday’s American Morning audience was disturbed by the report of nine teens arrested in Massachusetts for alleged bullying. Most agreed that the students should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Many also wanted those in the school administration, who were aware of the bullying but did nothing, to be included in the prosecution and punishment.

  • Pat: bulling/1954/5 Central High KC- we were push down stairs, attacked in gym with broken coke bottles, typing rollers taken off and teachers beaten. Police had to escort us in & out of school to bus for ride home and safety. All from first year of blacks in our school, that is when I learned who blacks were. A girl said they are taught at birth to hate and attack us. This was in 1998 when was an interim worker I was training at Hospital. Bullying is not new.
  • Cynthia: Those teens in MA need to pay for what they caused. I was bullied, not to that extent and usually the young people doing it are JEALOUS. I will never forget the hurt. She was beautiful and new to the area...Young people can be mean. Very sad .
  • Elfman: My wife, adult daughter and I are all Facebook friends with our school age daughter just so we can monitor what is said by her and her friends. Twice we have quietly notified the parents of two kids who had inappropriate posts. One of those times was cyber-bullying.
  • Mick: I am a retired guidance counselor. Dealing with a concerted bullying campaign against one of my students is one of the toughest tasks I had. John, you can't just say "stop it!" and expect savvy determined kids to stop. Most schools do not have the resources to provide around the clock bodyguards. Maybe making it a crime and prosecuting the bullies would work, but believe me it is no simple matter.

How do you feel about the arrest of the nine teens? What do you think is the appropriate punishment, if any? Continue the conversation below.

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March 18th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 3/18/10

Editor's Note: Thursday’s American Morning audience railed against Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Many expressed deep concern over her inability to clearly address the questions posed, stating “she’s a well schooled politician but [that makes] me worry about her competence.” Others believed her agenda was to increase illegal immigration and work towards amnesty, rather than protect “unemployed Americans.”

  • Theodore: I just watched the interview of Janet Napolitano. Her evasive answers to questions posed make it patently clear that she's a well schooled politician but make me worry about her competence. Given the importance of her job, that worry becomes profound.
  • TJR: Janet Napolitano is probably the WORST DHS secy we will ever have. The border fence has been stopped because the Democrats WANT illegal immigration to be as HIGH as possible. They are working on an amnesty as we speak. They have no sympathy for unemployed Americans. Outrageous.

With the release today of the U.S. News & World Report on teen driving, some objected to the characterization that problem drivers were always teens: “Stop blaming teenagers for all the car accidents when senior citizens who drive disabled […] cause…most car accidents and fatalities. Why not focus on their age, inability to see and response time?”

  • Gloria: Stop blaming teenagers for all the car accidents when senior citizens who drive disabled (getting out of their cars with walker, who can barely walk are behind the wheel) and as an medical professional as definitely the #1 cause of most car accidents and fatalities. Why not focus on their age, inability to see and response time? I believe it's the largest voting population and the politicians don't want to go there. In the mean time, they are killing innocent people.

What do you think? Continue the conversation below.

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March 15th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 3/15/10

Editor's Note: Monday’s American Morning viewers were interested in the Toyota investigation of owner Jim Sikes’ Prius. Some were skeptical of Sikes’ claim of a stuck gas pedal, as it could not be replicated by technicians. Others supported him, as they had faced similar situations in other vehicles, remarking “some things just don’t show up on those tests.”

  • Michael: You look at Toyota...The gas pedal problem I can reproduce 80% of the time. I know what is causing it but no one would listen. What I found was Toyota knew about the possible flaw but was more concerned about the sales during the harsh economy.
  • Andrea: In regards to the runaway Prius. I have an SUV where I have had 4 incidences where the steering wheel locked while I was actually going at lower speeds-3 times making turns and 1 x on a straight away. I reported it to my service manager, they did tests and couldn't find anything wrong with it. The last time it happened, I was on a freeway exit and thank God, it was early am and minimal traffic. My SUV was serviced the week prior to my incident . I took my SUV back to the dealer, refused to take it home until they figured out what was wrong with it. A tech kept my vehicle for a couple of days and they still couldn't duplicate the problem. No memory of the incident was found via computer, driving it, etc. I was told it has to happen when they can see it. BTW,I told the dealer the locking happens randomly, there’s no warning. I reported the first incident to the NHSI and I tried to file a complaint in Feb. 2010,but my complaint would go through due to the system overload from Toyota complaints. I don't know if Mr. Sikes is telling the truth or not, but some things just don't show up on those tests.

In AM’s original series “Growing Up Behind Bars,” many were surprised the adult who purchased the gun was not held responsible for the death, rather than his young son.

  • Gerhard: To me the ultimate responsibility lies with who left a gun and ammunition unsecured so that an eleven year old Jordan Brown had access to the weapon.
  • Ian: 12 year old... life sentence. Once again you have missed the point(s). Why was there a “youth style shot gun”, accessible to an 11 year old? Where there are guns, more people get shot! Duh! And who buys a youth style shot gun? What a moronic idea! If the victims family is set on vengeance (or justice), maybe they should focus on the person who had guns in the same house with 3 children. 2. After spending time in the “youth detention facility”; do you think he will be less of a threat to society?

What do you think? Continue the conversation below.

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March 10th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 3/10/2010

Editor's Note: Carol Costello’s “tweaking government” story generated humorous and serious comments from Wednesday’s American Morning audience. Some were in favor of more politicians so that more people could receive “free health care for life,” and suggested that “it would be much harder for the lobbyists to buy them all.” Others called for campaign finance reform and restructuring the government.

  • Dee: If we elect more politicians, then more of us will get free health care for life... perhaps we should all serve the same way we do for jury duty
  • Capt Bruce: More congressmen is a good idea think of the jobs! They do not do anything anyway and it would be much harder for the lobbyists to buy them all.
  • Jeff: lets make the government smaller,,I think I would make it like this,,,each state has Reps. by their population,,,The Reps. will tell what their state wants to the Govenor,,,The Governor then will tell the Congress what to vote on,,Their will be only 50 Congressment people,1 per state,they will only vote by what the Governor says, Their will not be and party in Congress,,the Democrats and Republicans will no longer be in Washington D.C...there a smaller government,,more control to the states..the President can veto or approve the for me
  • Dan: There are large and serious efforts underway, both in and out of Congress, to bring about public financing of election campaigns. Getting the money out of the process is the most direct way to improve how Congress works. Besides the obvious result of removing the undue influence of large donors on decision makers, it would free elected officials from having to spend so much time fund-raising. For some reason, these efforts get little publicity on CNN. But, then again, it is the media who benefit most from the multi-millions spent on ad campaigns in the current system. So I guess expecting you folks to treat this issue SERIOUSLY would be asking too much.

How would you “tweak” the government, given the chance? Continue the conversation below.

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March 9th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 3/9/2010

Editor's Note: On Tuesday, American Morning’s audience focused on concerns about Toyota’s runaway cars, in light of the story by Deb Feyerick. Some questioned the story, disbelieving the driver and suggesting “it doesn’t smell right.” Others wondered why the driver had not shifted the car into neutral, and requested that CNN re-broadcast the appropriate safety measures for such incidents.

  • Gary: I have a 2009 Prius. I just watched the story about the runaway Prius and I don't believe it. I would be interested to see if the driver would take a polygraph test. It doesn’t smell right.
    Jeff: about the runaway Toyotas. can you not suggest that 1st you don’t panic. next use flashers and shift into neutral. coast to shoulder and shut car off. just trying to help
  • Dan: Re: Runaway Prius. You gave extensive background on the vehicle. where is the background on the operator?
  • Harv: How many idiots does it take to cause an accident or a death? 1. A driver with a stuck throttle, reaching down to pull on the throttle and dialing 911 in a speeding car in traffic. 2. A 911 operator who doesn't tell the driver to simply put the car in neutral. 3. A police officer that maneuvers in front of the car to slow it down in traffic, when he could have signaled the driver to roll down his window and yelled to him to put it in neutral. Unbelievable! With every stuck throttle story, please emphasize that putting the car in neutral will stop the acceleration. You can and should help educate the public.
  • Sheila: Regarding the runaway Prius: He should be driving a Crown Vic made in Talbotville, Ontario. I see that is what the police used to stop his car. Ford's are closing the plant next year. You won't be able to buy one soon.

What do you think? Continue the conversation below.

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March 8th, 2010
03:00 PM ET

We Listen – Your comments 3/8/2010

Editor's Note: On Monday, American Morning’s audience voiced strong approval of President Obama’s call for an “up/down” vote on health care reform. Many expressed a continued desire for reform proposed by the president. Some remarked that children were especially vulnerable without coverage, commenting on the AM series “Saving Carlos.”

  • Wayne: Why at 7:05 am or so on 3/8/10 are we listening only to McConnell - and aonther I miss - come through with lies objecting that reconciliation is totally partisan when he does not acknowledge that is how Bush's tax cuts were passed - by the way with Cheney's tie-breaking vote? I have to conclude yu are biassed and bought out by your owner.
  • Dan: CNN – still working hard to defeat health care reform. You just showed Hatch and McConnell repeating their talking points, without pointing out how misleading those points are. That's a polite way of saying that they're lying. You also showed one Democrat who was on the fence. You also framed the entire story as if reform were likely to go down. You made it sound as if Obama is on a desperate mission. That's the way it comes across out on this side of the TV. Isn't it bad enough that CNN aired multi-million dollar ad campaigns from insurance company front groups for months, and yet NEVER mentions how these campaigns have affected public opinion. Of course, those campaigns pay your salaries, so I guess it's asking too much to think you might deal with reality on this issue. Simply pitiful.
  • Lanny: I think your morning new is great reporting on your one story saving Carlos we should have more health care for our children as a taxpayer i would not care if they took more tax out for health care for our children

What is your opinion of the “up/down” vote on health care reform? How do you think it will affect elections in the fall? Continue the conversation below.

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